How to win

How to win

First Place in a Science Fair Project

5/27/10. From Myra: “J_ _ wins 1st place in Kindergarten and First Grade level Science Fair Project. His hypothesis:Plants need water and sunlight to grow.”…

used the mongo beans, it took 14 days to complete it.

did some research on tips to make a winning project. Number one tip: make the child write his own observation. Researched on

display presentation, to student preparation in his demonstration to the judges. (he demoed the experiment) Took 14 days to prepare and complete the project. Didn’t expect 1st place but he did it!!

His work with 1st place ribbon was exhibited with the rest of the projects. He was awarded with 1st place medal in the auditorium, kids were cheering and chanting when his name was called.When i asked if he’s gonna

join next year , his reply was: “NAH, I’LL GIVE A CHANCE TO THE OTHER KIDS TO WIN!” ha! ha! ha!”

make me invisible make me invisible (updated with the frozen)

(photo: Organic pacó fern and cherry tomatoes from “Eli’s Organic Farms Batangas” at the Sunday Organic Market. but not all the stalls that say “organic” sell certifiedly organic produce; buy only from those endorsed by OPTA)

quietly slipping out incognito before any of our perfectly vegan friends wake up — don’t tell anyone! (if i write this is in cream-colored font, nobody can see it)


and…i’m back…got my fix, don’t need to stop  just a little seafood here and there; just different kinds; some cook them right there, and they’d smell nice when you get out of there. and you can freeze some of them later (cooked) so they’d keep fresh; except the lettuce! don’t freeze the fruits and vegetables unless you’re serving….sherbet. The rest, they keep fresh longer if you seal the cooked food (seal them well so they won’t dry up) and freeze them. As long as you eat fresh fruits and vegetables the entire week, you have enough enzymes, the rest of your food, you can freeze for two to three days.

After that, at midweek, the only time you have is for… speed-cooking; throwing pots and pans — use an Olympic-recognized stopwatch; there should be a show on speed-cooking. Inside of ten minutes —  fire on the right and running water on the left, rinsing  and dicing and chopping at the same time…in big pieces. All of your fingers should be covered by an insurance policy, individually.

(most or many restaurants freeze the cooked food; they even freeze the soup; they freeze even the pizzas.)

and that’s easy.

now… i can take my time.

for three days.(“sometimes i run. sometimes i…” )