Guns, Women, Reporting of deaths: Students’ work


Count Feodor Tolstoy. Outpost. 1810-1820s. Black paper cut-out. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. Right-clicked from

“Guns” By Student #7 unedited by blog admin J192

Quote “There was a report this morning (this post dated Sept. 4 – blog admin) in Umagang kay Ganda about the so-called raid in San Mateo, Rizal. The house, which allegedly contained guns, was described as “imbakan ng baril.”

Quote “However, the footages (sic) shown were in contrast with the statement. The policemen, at least six of them who were caught on cam, held armalites and were running to enter the said house. The scene was breathtaking. It seemed like the house contained high-powered weapons and the owners of the house were strong and numerous. But they didn’t get the suspects and the only weapons shown on cam were a handgun, a few pieces of bullets and a knife. The news was reported as if these weapons proved that the house was truly an “imbakan ng baril.” The question is, where are the guns? Are there really guns in the first place or this was just another intelligence flaw which the reporter covered?

Quote “I believe that this is irresponsible reporting which violates the Journalists’ and KBP Code of Ethics. The footages (sic) did not support the statements which may deceive or cause confusion to the audience.Sep 4, 3:45 PM —

XXXXX “Women” By Camille Mendigorin – 5th blog entry unedited by blog admin

Quote “A TV advertisement of the newspaper Philippine Star features a woman passenger standing in a bus and a guy standing beside her, staring at the woman’s body. The TV commercial suggests that the guy may be staring at the woman’s boobs. This was even more implied


Eugène Delacroix. Female Nude Reclining on a Divan. c.1825-1826. Oil on canvas. Louvre, Paris, France. Right-clicked from

as a camera shot showcases the woman’s cleavage showing from her dress. Apparently, it turned out that the guy was actually trying to look at and read the newspaper, which is Philippine Star, tucked in the woman’s arms. At the end of the commercial, it was shown in written text the advertisement’s main message – “Philippine Star, the only paper you read from cover to cover”.

Quote “With regards (sic) to this commercial, how can one use the idea of reading the paper from cover to cover when the guy could only see half the front page as the newspaper is tucked in the woman’s arms? Though it turned out that the guy was staring at the newspaper, it was very much implied and suggested at the early portion of the TV commercial that he was staring at the woman’s boobs. Clearly, the advertisement simply wanted to use and joke about men staring at women’s bodies. Because of this, I find this advertisement offensive. This behavior of the guy shouldn’t be made a laughing matter as the commercial presented it with humor. Moreover, there is a more effective and accurate way of delivering the advertisement’s tagline without using this type of situation. I would like to compare this particular advertisement with another TV commercial of Philippine Star featuring a man sitting on a bench for hours, just reading the newspaper. It carries the same message, that “Philippine Star is the only paper you read from cover to cover”. This presentation has conveyed more accurately the advertisement’s tagline.

Quote “Advertisers should always be careful with the messages and the content of the commercials they present. One ought to remember that based on the regulations by the Advertising Board of the Philippines, “advertisements should be presented in good taste and should not offend the sensibilities of the audience.”” Closed-quote .Aug 31, 12:27 PM — Xxxxxxxxx

“Reporting of Deaths” By Student # 19 unedited by blog admin


Luca Signorelli. The End of the World, Apocalypse. Detail. Fresco. 1499-1502. Orvieto Cathedral, San Brizio Chapel, Orvieto, Italy. Right-clicked from

Quote “I was riding a jeepney last Tuesday night, August 26, when the FM radio station 90.7 Love Radio aired a news flash with its disc jockey projecting a child-like voice while reporting. At first, I thought that Rica, the DJ for that hour, was merely cracking some jokes like what most of the FM radio stations usually do in between commercial breaks. However, it turned out that she was talking about real events. She reported the death of actor Ramon Zamora, which was followed by other news bites (sic). It was really confusing and disturbing because she sounded like a child instead of reporting seriously, using the real tone of her voice. Personally, if I were a relative of Ramon Zamora, I would be greatly offended because the report about his death was treated with such impoliteness. Some of the other passengers had the same idea, too, and were also surprised that what we heard was a real news flash.

Quote “The KBP Code of Ethics for Radio says that “good taste should prevail in the selection and handling of news.” The radio station did not meet this ethical standard because it failed to report the news properly. The DJ should have recognized the difference between entertainment and public service, which is part of media responsibility. News carries important information that interests the public. Therefore, it should be distinguished from advertisements, jokes or any other kind of information.” Closed- quote. Aug 30, 11:58 AM —


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