“Who are they?” Written by Mark Gubagaras, Student #8


Kerricks, Guillielmus. Flemish sculptor (1682-1745). Confessionals. 1713.Oak. O.-L. Vrouwekathedraal, Antwerp. Downloaded with express permission from the Web Gallery of Art at http://www.wga.hu from site admin Emil Kren, Ph.D.. Many thanks.


     Comment on forgetting to identify news sources ( Written by Mark Gubagaras, Student #8) . One clause deleted by blog admin for legal reasons.


        Quote “On January 6, in QTV 11’s news program Review Philippines, news anchor Mike Enriquez reported a news item entitled, “GMA 7 files libel suit vs ABS-CBN over ratings issue.” The report said that GMA 7 filed a P15-million libel suit against ABS-CBN 2 for its ‘false and malicious reporting’ on the Kapuso network’s alleged involvement in the manipulation of ratings in Bacolod City. While both sides of GMA and ABS-CBN were presented in the report, the program forgot to cite the names of its news sources – the network’s vice president for legal affairs, its legal counsel, and AGB Nielsen’s lawyer – whose statements (in the form of video clips from interviews) were all used in the story.


        Quote “The news program clearly violated the Journalist’s Code of Ethics, particularly: Section 1, stating the journalist’s job to “scrupulously report and interpret the news, taking care not to suppress essential facts, nor to distort the truth by omission or improper emphasis,” (one clause deleted by  blog admin for legal reasons).  It also violated Section 2 under the News and Public Affairs part of the KBP Television Code, where news sources should be properly attributed in keeping with the highest standards of broadcast journalism. Jan 9, 11:32 PM —“ closed-quote.

the killings. written by Student #2


Jose “Pinggot” Zulueta. Tilamsik series, first one-man exhibit. Published with express permission from the artist (thanks much!). Asinta images. Right-clicked from http://www.asinta.netfirms.com            


           Quote “The January 14, 2008  issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, on its A7 page, featured a story on the Philippine National Police’s yearend report for 2007 with a headline that read “PNP: Extrajudicial killings fell by 83% in 2007.


                   Quote “The article is, of all things, single-sourced, with statements coming from Department of Interior and Local Government personnel, and appears to be written in such a way that puts the administration and the police in a good light. There was a part that mentions how the Philippines was included in the human rights watch list of the United Nations and the US Congress, and how “a UN special rapporteur criticized the Arroyo administration for not doing enough to stop the killings” and then goes on to enumerate how the government, with the help of the PNP, managed to deter extrajudicial killings.



       Quote “This is in violation of Article III, Number 3 of the Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct of the Philippine Press Institute which says that “Single sourced stories must be avoided as a rule. There is always the imperative to get a second, third, or more sources, the contending parties to an issue, the expert source, the affected party, the prominent and the obscure, in the story. We must strive at all times to ascertain the truth of our sources’ assertions.”


               Quote  “In this case, a separate and contending opinion from a stakeholder in the issue of extrajudicial killings (eg. The Commission on Human Rights) would have helped put a better perspective and dimension in the story.” Closed-quote.