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Flandrin, Hippolyte. French painter (b. 1809, Lyon, d. 1864, Paris). Young Man by the Sea. 1837. Oil on canvas, 98 x 124 cm. Musée du Louvre, Paris. Downloaded with express permission from the Web Gallery of Art at from site admin Emil Kren, Ph.D.. Many thanks.

Quote “The article failed to cite another source aside from Cabinet Secretary Ricardo Saludo who kept on stating comments (sic) praising the Palace’s actions such as “Our economic surge remians secure” (sic) “sustain our programs for the poor” “our economy is booming” among others. In no way does the article present a (sic) background information or a critique by an economic analyst to counter-argue or support Malacanang’s decision to not reduce “big taxes”.

Single-sourced. Written by Student # 20. Unedited by blog admin.

Quote “An article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer titled “Economy Booming” Palace: No to big Tax Cuts  (sic) by Michael Ubac reported Malacanang’s statement on the issue of the decreasing U.S economy and the moves that the Palace will (sic)  do regarding it. (sic)

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