Mark’s choice for JS prom: animé fashion

(this post, for high school students again)

Mark instantly posted a comment (see comments’ box) and a link to the photo (picture on the right) of what he would wear minus the coat.

He texted that he preferred the “animé” look (visual on the right)  instead of the second set of links he sent.

Mark’s JS prom

(blog admin’s note:  not an expert on fashion, these are just notes because he asked me)

— Since you asked me about what you’d wear, and said you were  opting for a black necktie, here it is:

For plain black and other plain dark-colored necktie, choose a narrow one (narrow width). See photos below.

(all photos were ripped off blogs that ripped them off other sites without acknowledgement of the original site; so…i don’t know what the original sites are, this is the only time i’m posting “celebrities’ clothes photos”; used here for non-commercial purposes., and apologetically; my “usual viewers” might not like this — this post is meant for high school students; i’ve had commenters who were in high school, so…this is for that demographics)

Narrow black neckties, if you’re choosing black.

Don’t wear too many prints on your necktie. Never wear a paisley necktie.

Striped neckties and those with tiny geometric prints are alright.

For neckties other than black and dark-colored ones, you can choose a regular-width necktie.

Make sure your tie doesn’t fall below your belt.

I’d choose a more casual, informal attitude since this is really a party: don’t knot your necktie too tight, let the knot hang a little below your collar for a more informal look – it’ll be more relaxed — easier, so you can move around, hang with dates and friends — and socialize, you’ll have more fun that way!