More female deities (still Women’s Day post)

Speaking of female deities and poses named after them (see previous post)

Right-clicked from used here for academic non-commercial purposes

this is a modern-day rendition (a thangka) of a Buddhist female deity.

Look at one of the ankles, the inverted one. Try executing it – oops, no, don’t, if you’re not learning the asanas (poses), it might look impossible.

The ankle is turned up. It looks like a combination of two yoga poses, a combination of this pose (photo below)

the “inverted ankle pose”, [my term. Officially this is called one of the Janu poses, janu meaning knee although based on personal experience, this one actively involves the ankle more than the knee (not an expert; just based on experience)] and with half of the Maya Devi pose (i already named it Maya Devi’s pose, although some writers call it Lakshmi’s pose, same thing. Hay naku, o sige, let’s see if you want to sue me)

as depicted in some art pieces of Buddhist goddesses (the tara’s ), it is a surprise that this combination-pose was never made into a yoga pose. (well, maybe not a surprise.) Will look it up some more, i could be wrong, maybe it’s present in the other series or in the other schools. But in the meantime…

out of curiosity i executed it.

One time, on a brownout day, maybe on a dare, i could photograph and post an execution of it, and name it after the female Buddhist deity; perfectly legit — there’s a female deity that’s depicted with it; and it’s based on research. it will be named Green Tara’s pose, or if you want the Sanskrit version, it will be named syamatarasana. Syamatarasana. i named it just now.

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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