and did you “feel the earth move under your feet”? (FYI, earthquake, Metro Manila, 45 mins ago)

We were having iced naicha (a milky kind of  tea) — on the mellowest earthquake, probably only the cats noticed. (FYI, the news agencies reported an earthquake hit Metro Manila at 1:29pm today, or about 45 minutes ago. ) Maybe if i were on my precarious tree pose (ashtanga) perched on a cliff, i’d feel it (or more precisely, i’d fall). maybe we could conduct an experiment where humans could try being able to detect the slightest, most imperceptible   tremors by balancing  themselves (ourselves) on tree poses, atop rocks, waiting, waiting, waiting, for the end of the world — but wouldn’t that be an awful waste of time; live to the fullest and without regret

(don’t second-guess, over spilt  naicha, it’s a useless activity)

(i’m blabbering again; still pushing paper, can’t be useful to you, can i) I LIKE MY WALLPAPER (tiles) — IT’S A GLASS ROOF (photo by Myra Lambino-Ramos) — nobody appreciates my visual metaphors, boo-hoo, hu-hu-hu (wailing and weeping again)

— who builds glass roofs — get it?