How to win

How to win First Place in a Science Fair Project 5/27/10. From Myra: “J_ _ wins 1st place in Kindergarten and First Grade level Science Fair Project. His hypothesis:Plants need water and sunlight to grow.”… used the mongo beans, it took 14 days to complete it. did some research on tips to make a winning…

ten seconds

my internet good for only ten seconds then it’s gone for an hour then back for ten seconds then gone for hours

Lucky color, Wednesday

Tried to post in the morning but internet flickering, up top now, it’s good for only ten seconds and then it goes out again. the lucky color for the day or the remaining half-day said the morning show astrologer was….dark red

“strawberry fields forever”

“strawberry fields forever” (photo shot last week) “Class, we’re going on a field trip…”: J’s  field trip, organized by the school. a literal one! thanks thanks bunches!

make me invisible make me invisible (updated with the frozen)

(photo: Organic pacó fern and cherry tomatoes from “Eli’s Organic Farms Batangas” at the Sunday Organic Market. but not all the stalls that say “organic” sell certifiedly organic produce; buy only from those endorsed by OPTA) quietly slipping out incognito before any of our perfectly vegan friends wake up — don’t tell anyone! (if i…

The lucky color is back!

you could kinda tell in advance what the morning show astrologer would say as zodiac advisory on the lucky color of the day from….what she is wearing! (must be a tough job — sometimes she just has a similar shade on , not the exact color — It means… you can be flexible, don’t sweat…

the theory of our marching

balmy early morning; humid indoors cool outdoors. You can run but the sun can hide, photo shot after run, I tried my best, it’s too shy to be photographed this morning; maybe later. Power struggles here and abroad – the rich and the middle class always like to characterize their jousts as the battle between…