How to win

How to win

First Place in a Science Fair Project

5/27/10. From Myra: “J_ _ wins 1st place in Kindergarten and First Grade level Science Fair Project. His hypothesis:Plants need water and sunlight to grow.”…

used the mongo beans, it took 14 days to complete it.

did some research on tips to make a winning project. Number one tip: make the child write his own observation. Researched on

display presentation, to student preparation in his demonstration to the judges. (he demoed the experiment) Took 14 days to prepare and complete the project. Didn’t expect 1st place but he did it!!

His work with 1st place ribbon was exhibited with the rest of the projects. He was awarded with 1st place medal in the auditorium, kids were cheering and chanting when his name was called.When i asked if he’s gonna

join next year , his reply was: “NAH, I’LL GIVE A CHANCE TO THE OTHER KIDS TO WIN!” ha! ha! ha!”