Breaking news: Election counting machines cannot count at this time: All memory cards in Metro Mla recalled today by Comelec


Breaking news: Election counting machines cannot count at this time. All flash cards of all PCOS machines in Metro Manila are being recalled today by Comelec. (ABS-CBN News Channel) [Update: blog admin’s note: As of 6:55 pm today, Comelec said that they will recall and replace all 76,000 memory cards of all precincts nationwide (Saksi GMA Channel 7.)]

PCOS refers to the precinct count optical scan; this is the automated counting machine that records the vote from the paper ballots. Flash cards are the memory cards of the PCOS machine. The memory card stores all the data on the votes from the paper ballots. For these particular PCOS machines, the memory cards are the size of less than half of a slim cellphone, or smaller than the palm of your hand.

The memory cards of the PCOS machines therefore are like the ballot boxes or the election returns; except that the data stored in them, before (if any) or after, are invisible,  because there is no LCD monitor of it. (The display function was disabled by Comelec because it caused a few seconds of delay per vote, and Comelec opted for speed instead of the vote tally being visible to everyone; there were also misgivings about “trending” while the voting was going on, or being able to monitor who was leading, which might therefore influence those who haven’t voted; so — the function was disabled). The data are invisible until they are transmitted to Comelec and/ or printed out.

Six days before election day, the Comelec and the contractor, Smartmatic found out that the configuration of the memory cards are not compatible with the PCOS machines. The PCOS machines are not able to count the votes for certain candidates because it is not able to “read” certain letters.

what this means is….

It was found out that the counting machines could not count, at this time.

The parties concerned should monitor how the memory cards are replaced/ re-configured. The rest of us should….pray.

[i’m being calm. ANONG MASASABI MO?! ANIM NA ARAW BAGO MAG- ELEKSYON, AUTOMATED COUNTING MACHINES MO, HINDI MAKAPAGBILANG!! (what can you say —  Six days before elections, your automated counting machine cannot count!!)]