E.O. 2: President revokes all midnight appointments – NOW you’re talking

Breaking news: EO 2: President revokes all midnight appointments – Now you’re talking

This is the big legal battle – or the first big legal battle of the P-Noy Aquino administration — that’s worth staking political capital on (been waiting for it since Day One). If you’re going to expend your huge political goodwill (an unprecedented 85% trust rating) and make hard decisions, now is the time to make them and this is the ground that’s worth fighting for – undoing illegal acts of the previous administration.

[i just have two 3-hour lectures right now (sabay “BRB be right back” ‘kala mo magbibigay ng legal opinion, sa wakas, sabay talikod. sandali lang po, I’ll just finish lectures then get a copy of the E.O. )]

The next administrative step to this is (of course, you can’t just leave the E.O. there on the desk): identifying those posts that are a result of midnight appointments; listing them down. The next step after that is a memo or notification that these posts are declared vacant; the next step is to notify those occupying those posts (in diplomatese) to: please vacate their offices within __ x number of days or hours.

The next step is make the legal appointments of qualified personnel. Then, enforce those appointments. Undertake these steps smoothly and swiftly and let the midnight appointees sue – you can get the best legal minds of this country to defend you or any act you do to undo the illegal acts of the previous administration. (brb)