It’s another miracle

“Isn’t it a miracle…? it’s another miracle…”

The ABS-CBN staff performed a miracle again. Here’s what i looked like when i left home last Tuesday evening. i heeded the call time so the

hair and make up staff, the lights people,the camera persons, the producer and production assistants, with their combined talents, caused a transformation from this (“BEFORE)

to this (see next still, “AFTER”). Second photo. this is called “ANC Alerts”, a 3-second video, the still used for the video, from last Tuesday’s “Media in Focus” on crime reporting and the Ivan Padilla case (maybe it’s for the replays); the show  “Media in Focus” airs Tuesdays 9:30 pm, produced by ABS-CBN News Channel. i don’t have a disc of a snippet of the episode yet, sowee, will just let the Universe decide (let’s look at the speed-dial number of the Universe). Thanks, everyone! Happy weekend!

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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