Stillife series by Myra Lambino-Ramos

Myra sent dozens of sunny, playful photos – there was even a violet tree, no green leaves,  an all-purple crown.

Then, there are these five in a set. She has a stillife series. I stretched them to one-and-half minutes of playing time. (i said in the email to her that since we didn’t go to any photography seminar or workshop or school,  and have not read any photography book, that it was our “subconscious” or “instinct” or “inclination” or whatever you call it,   that was choosing what to shoot and how to shoot it,  extrapolating from what Sting said (televised Berlin concert) that it was his “subconscious” that chose the theme of one song, then his left side of the brain second-guessed, then disagreed, and there was a debate inside his head, but he let his original decision, by his “subconscious”, play out. i put “subconscious” in quotes because… i don’t know about that — i think when many people say “subconscious”, it just means that at the moment they are not yet able to articulate the basis of that choice — but there is always a basis in terms of experience, or memories or emotional disposition or wishes or fears or the news… it doesn’t spring from nothing; … blog admin is blabbering again.)

Emotional content, Myra’s stillife series. Take a look-see. (5 photos played out to one-and-half minutes, video below). 

(but for the slideshow — does it look like…. an overextended experiment on blog admin’s part…?)