Happy Chinese New Year! other holiday greetings, & a health post to boot

If these greetings don’t  get  done today, they’ll never get done. It’s the final, ultimate, non-extendible deadline for  holiday greetings.

New Year’s greeting, Xmas message (late !! minus 5), Chinese New Year’s Kung Hei Fat Choy (and a health post to boot)

Here it is…

think of where you are now

compared to years ago

and imagine time-travel is possible today

and your old self (the one who hasn’t finished school and wasn’t sure he/she could stay alive)  could teleport  over here —

And see you.

he/ she would say:

A)     Wow.

           or ….

B) You/ We finished it!


        Did you/ we really do that? or…

C)     Look at you – you’re…. 1) crawling

                                                       2) up and about!

                                          3) Fat (how to compute your body mass index, future post)

                                         4)  shaped like a question mark, an inverted number, the symbol for water

                                        5) twisted                                       

       i’m messing with you.

     Take your pick. I’m sure you  know what your old self would tell you..your big picture would be better. ito na lang ang isipin mo (just put this in your head) everytime  you’re completely spent, tired,  totally wasted and useless — you’re probably over-emoting.  

[This message doesn’t apply to…. those accused, with prima facie evidence, of crimes involving moral turpitude (stealing, etc.)  your old self might….. not like it, so…. just prepare a big smile… ]

TO EVERYONE: Happy Chinese New Year!!!

My very late Christmas message below, multimedia.  (In some countries, the Christmas season is up to Jan. 19)

photo by Myra; cropped and animated.