from legal discussion to health post

Even for formal discussions, in summer, or under hot weather, or in a tropical country, you can get away with a sheath dress or light clothing material on anything. (i think) (Credits: freeze-frame of a video shot by “Showbiz Inside Report”, ABS-CBN Channel 2; 20-second video below snipped from a video shot by the same; clothes from Khrysta’s Collezione, chosen by friends). 

(Shot at 15 lbs overweightedness. never owned a weighing scale before, refused to get one.   got one after New Year’s day when i couldn’t fit in most clothes in the closet. lost 3 lbs in 2 months of running — one pound every 20 days very big deal — 8kms 3X a week but… every other week because i get complacent and slacken when i notice i’ve lost a little weight. won’t win any contest, friends are supportive, they say: you just lost water. Advice on TV from  “Biggest Loser Pinoy edition” fitness instructor (paraphrase): It’s not about getting thin, it’s about getting fit. Don’t starve yourself but work your body. You should be able to do your regular work, climb flights of stairs, lift objects, have energy the entire day. )

         My other paraphrase: You should be able to eat churros and let the grainy sweet hot chocolate roll in your mouth; paella and taste a hint of coconut milk  in it; sinigang and feel the tangy minced ginger in your tongue; spicy vegetarian power protein on pita bread and let the multi-aroma of the cilantro and herbs linger in your palate.