#NowPlaying #Millennials Karma Chameleon for Congress party-turncoats & sudden Du30 fans Cabinet wannabes

#NowPlaying Millenial cover of Karma Chameleon (by Choir! Choir! Choir!) dedicated to Congress party-turncoats in the House of Representatives, turning color in a day (party-hopping, as it were; it would have been acceptable if they had forged alliances based on a shared and common legislative agenda without giving up their central platform of action and their core principles) …

     and to sudden Duterte supporters who switched from Mar to Duterte or Grace to Duterte, etc. 24 hours after election day when the count was already known in order to lobby better  for juicy Cabinet posts…

(during the time of Cory, they were known as balimbing, 1balimbing

(image rightclicked from the creative commons page used here non-commercially for academic purposes) 

the multi-sided muti-angled fruit called starfruit or carambola in English, scientific name: Averrhoa carambola)…

millennially called tumatambling-tambling or sudden somersaulter-enthusiast…

      Ang kakapal nyo — mahiya kayo kahit man lang sa pamilya nyo

      (rough translation: you are so callus-faced you look like sewer scum that defile your own families…

   the Tagalog/ Filipino version is much kinder)

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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