Gabriela has a pending lobby/petition for their member to be appointed to Duterte Cabinet, they have a conflict of interest

i’m still checking papers but i had to type this because… news media organizations are not reinforcing their Malacañang beat with more seasoned journalists (the Malacañang beat is whereever the President or President-elect can be found). Here it is (why i stopped for two minutes in checking papers): Gabriela has a pending lobby/petition for one of their officers to be appointed to the Duterte Cabinet. It’s online, it’s been published in various news portals online. Certain organizations conjured unidiomatic praises-to-high-heavens in favor of one of their officers in support of an appointment to the Duterte cabinet. No one is raising it in interviews on why Gabriela is defending Duterte when he leered at the female reporter while she was working, doing her job, then wolf-whistled at her, then continued to  stare at her lecherously with glazed eyes  (look at the video again, please) then sang a love song to her while leering. (i have the pertinent civil service rules here on sexual harassment, his acts fall under several provisions of the anti-sexual harassment circulars; Gabriela is wrong, and discredited for this. Pia Cayetano at least said she disagreed with what Duterte did and did not defend him — but look at what Gabriela officers and partylist representatives are doing!)

     Then in the next press con after the uproar, Duterte justified it.  Then Gabriela is now defending him. Because they have a pending petition to be appointed to the Duterte Cabinet. Anoba.

        Gabriela has a conflict of interest.

      Journalists: Do your homework: Follow up with relevant questions, bring out your file, challenge and expose.

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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