Ask, & he will go ballistic; Seek, & he will hide; Knock, & he will not care about journalists being killed. #Duterte thanksgiving speech

 WRU…wasn’t able to catch Du30’s speech; the mainstream online news carried only the sanitized PR version of the speech and featured the portion about drugs (his usual rant). So i checked the social media.                

        momblogger (Noemi Lardizabal-Dado) tweeted that Duterte said he was very angry at the news media because a reporter had asked him about his health, then demanded to see his medical certificate; and Duterte blew his top at the impertinent reporter and — according to the momblogger tweets, largely in Visayan — Duterte in his speech was so mad at the reporter that he made references to the genitalia of the wife of the reporter that he was angry with, in the Visayan language, or said something like “what if i asked you about your wife’s v—–  (or bi—-, the Visayan word for female genitalia )”. i checked John Nery’s tweets, he said the sound system was not  good where he was (reporters were banned from getting near the stage where they could hear the speech better; that’s how they were treated at Crocodile Park), he got parts of the speech but not the other portions… 

         didn’t hear the speech so i could say it’s not shocking (because i didn’t hear it), but it’s shallow. Immature. if he says this again, be the adult and follow it  up, ask him to repeat it and ask Martin Andanar or Sal Panelo to give the Filipino and English translation, we will not censor it —- oh, no one will follow it up, he’s hiding from reporters.

To paraphrase a verse…


with apologies to Matthew:

“Ask…and he will go ballistic;
      seek… and he will hide and hide
      knock and he will not care about journalists being killed.”



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