image Duterte hides from reporters #playlist #nowPlaying #HideandSeek #WRUDut #WRUDu30 #YHidingDu30

       Duterte hides from reporters #playlist #nowPlaying #HideandSeek #WRUDut #WRUDu30 #YHidingDu30

       Today he came to himself. Quoted below is President-elect Duterte’s only rational statement in the last two weeks (see Inquirer news report at 6:53pm today embedded at the end of the image below) :

         Quote “(M)araming mali, maraming criticisms. No interview, no criticism. No wrong statement, no nothing. I’ll shut up, ayoko na talaga,” he said. (roughly translated: “Many mistakes, many criticisms. No interview, no criticism. No wrong statement, no nothing. I’ll shut up, i really don’t like to anymore”). 

        Lucid. Rational in the sense that he realized “wrong statements”. He is lucid here.

        (by lucid here, i mean the way it is contemplated in the Revised Penal Code, lucid interval … 🙂  — hwag ka magalit sa paragraph na ‘to, sir, di ka na mabiro)

        However, hiding the President and ghostwriting all his pronouncements is like ghost-governing. Or having a ghost President.


      On the other hand, a Q&A in the government tv stations controlled by government publicists is not journalism. No self-respecting news organization will rely solely on it. At best, the government Q&A will simply be part of  background information.

      Barring reporters from the media coverage area of a public event of national interest, such as the President-elect’s speech, obstructs the right to information of the people: The right to information includes visual information and auditory data.

       The new no-interview policy of the Duterte camp is like the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo tactic  in the last few years after the Hello Garci scandal.

      And so early in the game.

From the Inquirer at 6:53pm today: “Davao City — President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said that he would no longer grant interviews until the end of his term, apparently firm on his decision to distance himself from journalists after drawing flak for his statement on media killings.
“ “Sorry ha, talagang ano… boycott talaga,” he said in a video posted on Facebook on Monday by TV5 correspondent France Noguera.
“Asked until when he would boycott interviews, the Davao City mayor said it would be “until the end of my term.”
“ “Ayoko na. Ang interview maraming mali, maraming criticisms. No interview, no criticism. No wrong statement, no nothing. I’ll shut up, ayoko na talaga,” he said.
“Last week, Duterte’s executive assistant Bong Go said the mayor would temporarily stop holding press conferences in order to avoid mistakes.
“Instead, all statements of Duterte will be coursed through the government television network PTV-4.
“The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders issued a statement last week to boycott the tough-talking mayor after he said that many journalists in the country had been killed because they were corrupt.
“Duterte, in return, refused to apologize and also dared the media to stop covering him.
“He also drew criticisms after catcalling GMA-7 reporter Mariz Umali in one of his press conferences last week.
“READ: GMA reporter scores Duterte for catcalling wife Mariz Umali
“At his victory party last Saturday, Duterte in his speech also criticized a journalist for asking about his medical condition in a previous interview.
“ “How is the vagina of your wife? Is it smelly? Or not smelly? Give me the report. Bastos eh,” the mayor said, finding the question offensive.
“He said the media were always asking “impertinent questions.” JE/rga”

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