image Jim Paredes whistles a viral tune

    The artist James McNeill Whistler in 1871 originally entitled this “giant-sized” painting  “Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1”. whistler'smother     (image by creative commons license)

This painting and other works ushered in the minimalist movement in the art world.  Every minimalist structure today in architecture, furniture, décor, music, fashion, visual arts, etc.,  could probably be traced to works such as this 1871 visual statement. (and that’s what iconic means, Whistler and other artists founded and started an entire movement the influences of which can be seen more than a hundred years thence). And, oh, by the way, the painter used the image of his own mother to illustrate the use of greys, blacks, whites as form. [don’t ask me why he used his mother’s image to illustrate the form, malay ko:), but the impression i get is: even a figure as complex as the human form can be best understood by using a minimalized structure… etc. etc. malay ko)

   So popular was the stark painting that gallery owners changed the title to “Portrait of the Artist’s Mother”, and later, to “Whistler’s Mother”.

     why am i all of a sudden trying to be worth the grade  that humanities professor Anita Celdran gave in the Humanities class in my G.E. (1.0) … Because i saw this in the social media… here it is: Jim Paredes posted this image. The iconic Whistler’s Mother. (this painting was even the subject of  a hit Mr. Bean movie) . He presumed everybody knew what this painting was. And it was in conjunction with, and contemporaneous to Duterte’s wolf-whistling a female reporter, leering at her with glazed eyes and following it with a love song and more leering.

     So Jim Paredes posted this iconic, classic, world-famous painting as a commentary on the wolf-whistling, by entitling his post “Duterte’s Mom?”, with a question mark.

      …Kung di nyo pa rin makuha, here’s a breakdown: Whistler’s Mother. Whistler. Wolf-whistle.

      People who saw it thought he was making fun of Duterte’s mother (deceased). So he was bashed left and right and from every side. If you don’t know this painting, you would not get the pun. But many people also don’t know what pun means. I assure you his intentions are clean as a whistle, pun  minimalized.

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