Duterte SOCE: only P375M election donations, P3.5M unspent; in speeches he said enough unspent campaign funds good for 200 bodies at P5Million each dead drug lord, P2M each drug distributor: a SOCE-undeclared stash

           Duterte declared only P375,009,474.90 million in election campaign donations in his Statement of Contributions and Expenses (SOCE).
        Of this amount: P298 million was in cash while the rest was in kind, such as furniture, equipment, vehicles, campaign paraphernalia.
       In other words, he declared only P298 million in cash election campaign donation.
      On the other hand, he declared that his campaign expenses amounted to P371 million (donated equipment, furniture, vehicles were chalked up as expended or used/used up).
        He declared a balance of only P3.5 million.
        HOWEVER, in his press conferences in the last two weeks (see news reports from June 1-8) and in his much publicized weekend thanksgiving speech, seen and heard by millions worldwide (see news reports last Monday and Tuesday), he stated that he has millions in unspent election campaign donations enough to pay as reward for 200 bodies of drug dealers, drug distributors, and drug pushers under the following bounty system:
     Big-time drug trafficker or drug lord, if dead: P5 Million
    Big-time drug trafficker or drug lord, if alive and captured: P4,999,000
     Drug distributor, if dead: P2 Million
     Drug distributor, if alive and captured: P1 Million
     Street drug pushers, dead or alive: P 50,000

         His SOCE-declared balance or unspent election campaign contributions is only P3.5 million.

       His publicly pronounced unspent election campaign contributions is huge enough to be good for cash rewards for 200 bodies of drug lords (P 5 Million per head), drug distributors (P2 Million per head), drug pusher (P50,000 per head).

          Obviously, he has an undeclared stash from election campaign donations (like most candidates anyway).

         And that is not even the more serious offense.

        (Reliable sources from Davao revealed that as mayor, he relied on a fund set up from donations from big businessmen in Davao as source of his reward system for the summary executions.).

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