On being FB-bashed for “not budging” out of a no-parking zone: “Nothing…can deter me from… my job no matter the…brick brats” – #Du30 spox

On being FB-bashed for “not budging” out of a no-parking zone: “Nothing…can deter me from… my job no matter the… brick   brats” – Duterte spokesperson, quoted from his FB page and the Inquirer, GMA News, etc. 


      Next time, the President-elect Duterte’s spokesperson should be careful of the brick   brats being hurled at him lest he end up in the emergency room. As everyone knows, brick  brats are children who are so spoiled that they turn into bricks. A piece of brick brat is about two feet tall, weighs 35 pounds, and is certainly sharp on the edges.

       On the other hand, brickbats are easier to handle thru a simple denial specific enough without being too wordy.

      Certain parts of the street are declared by law and ordinance to be “no-parking” zones for safety and security; such as the front of a fire hydrant, the driveway of public and private establishments, the entrance and exit of parking lots, one side of a narrow, two-way street, etc. In case of medical emergencies, or fire, or crime or any alarm causing panic, etc., your illegally parked car is blocking the way to safety of hundreds of people, or that of rescuers, med-evac, law-enforcers, etc.. Before the vehicle could be towed, lives would have been lost.

      Of course, everyone wants to park right in front of the store. But if it’s a no-parking zone by ordinance or rule, it is a still a no-parking zone even if the security guard and motorist agree to forego the rules.

      Those who execute the laws should be the first ones to obey them. Those who secretly claim an absolute right to summarily execute criminal suspects should at least maintain a façade of legality in their open, public activities. Lest the bricks come tumbling down on them, pun crumbling down.

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