#Du30saJune30 #RTVM #PartnerForChange #PresidentDuterte #Playlist Separate oathtaking started: It looked like the inaugural of two republics

The separate oathtaking had started with the separate inaugural of VP Leni, marked by solemnity and simplicity, with grandeur — because of her heartfelt message of remembrances of family and country, gratitude for the support of friends and countrymen, and a call for unity: in attendance were the Senate President (third in succession), the Speaker of the House (fourth in succession), other senators, and dignitaries — i hate to say this but today’s ceremonies looked like the inaugural of two republics because of the insistence of the Duterte camp at separate inaugurations. That was the “feel” — i had not anticipated it would feel this way but watching it, with the grand, slow, aerial tracking shot over the dignified crowd of the VP inauguration, mostly in formal white and ecru Filipiniana jusi, in open air with natural light, the VP inaugural looked like a republic- in-waiting —   at the very least, it is better lit than the cramped hall in Malacañang where Duterte’s oathtaking will take place, with the Marcoses seated in front, see for yourself and compare… (sorry, i hate to say that, but the Duterte camp had been very divisive by insisting on pandering to the Marcoses at the cost of spurning a large portion of the populace).

     Still, in keeping with the theme of unity, this is a continuation of my inaugural playlist, a song from Mindanaoan Joey Ayala and the Ang Bagong Lumad, “Magkakaugnay” (roughly translated: We are interconnected”, translation with apologies)

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