On the 1,800 drug-related violent deaths: #PresidentDuterte: “Are they (drug pushers & users killed) humans?”

On the 1,800 drug-related violent deaths: Duterte: “Are they humans (the drug pushers & users

    abs-cbnnews.com has a map,  and charts and tables on the big data on the Duterte drug war, and minute detailed data like the list of names of the fatalities a

with region, city/municipality and dates killed: 1,233 violent deaths from May 10-Aug. 26, 2016.

(the list is not in html , i screenshot each portion that could fit on the screen, cropped it, then resized it, there are 35 pieces of png file, it will take up a big portion of the space allotted for this site. Some are embedded in this blog post; someday i would have enough blog space to embed everything, be patient). c
dPNP Chief Bato however said that it was 1,800 violent deaths related to drugs since Duterte came to power, which was 57 days ago. 

      1,800 drug-related violent deaths in 57 days is 31.5 persons killed each day since July 1.

      That would be 1.3 persons killed every hour.  

      e The complete list from abs-cbn is in my pictures folder, i could go to each PNP station involved, if there is time — be patient — 

and xerox each of the 1,233 investigation reports

fin order to evidentiarily examine the circumstances 

to build the case; or i could give you tips on what to do and what to look for – if there is time, be patient. 

   (Marcos hero’s burial: overarching constitutional law argument  not stated by petitioners,  line-by-line analysis  of the statute, not included by petitioners – maybe it could be typed up here, after the oral arguments, if there is time; be patient) 

(there was a teeny-weeny mention here last Aug.22 of the Rome Statute, set to “Rogue Nation” music. Teeny-weeny lang naman yon.)