Dedicated to @PresidentialCom @MartinAndanar #NowPlaying #OPM #Playlist Johnoy Danao cover of Eraserheads Pare Ko, General Patronage version :)

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Johnoy Danao , cover of Eraserheads, Pare Ko (roughly, “Hey, Bro”),

     this is the General Patronage version; the Tata Digong- Rody-Duterte version, este, er, the Parental Guidance version, is in the original Eraserheads cut that isn’t played over the airwaves

      (Dedicated to Martin Andanar,  Presidential Comm staff, Ernie Abella, mga nahihirapan magpaliwanag, medyo out-of-control ang overall communication work)

         Here is the best example.], or illustration/ justification of the language used by your boss: The colloquial form of the native language as wielded by the iconic … Eraserheads — arguably the most popular OPM band of the half-century.  

        [Ok, hope you got it. You’re welcome, libre ito (ngek)…]

       However, the Eraserheads are rock artists and they have literary license; the principle  does not apply to your client.)                  You need to manage the client’s exposure, i.e.,