Koreans mourn kin murdered inside PNP National Police HQ while PNP police chief Bato parties w #Du30

Koreans mourn kin murdered inside PNP National Police Headquarters while PNP police chief Bato parties with President D30 

      From PNP Chief Bato, upon being spotted at the concert of Bryan Adams after news of the murder of Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo inside the PNP National Headquarters had broken out: Why, would the Korean come back to life if I didn’t attend the concert?” (quoted by Inquirer columnist Mon Tulfo)
        From Rappler: “The kidnapping of Jee exploded in the news after it was reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer as a case of “TokHang for ransom”, where a group of men led by cops supposedly took Jee Ick Joo and house helper Marisa Morquicho from his home in Pampanga.  xxx  TokHang refers to the PNP strategy to go house to house and convince drug pushers and users to surrender. xxx”

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