From Inquirer: Trillanes to Leni: Hwag! (Don’t!) Don’t dine with #Du30 #PresidentDuterte

From the Inquirer: Trillanes to Leni: Hwag! (Don’t!) Don’t dine w #Du30 #PresidentDuterte

     From the Inquirer (in blue font and itals): Don’t be deceived by President Duterte again.
      This was the advice Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV gave on Sunday to Vice President Leni Robredo following the Chief Executive’s dinner invitation to her.
      The advice was also for “people monitoring what’s happening that they should be well aware of these tricks of deception constantly being used by (Mr.) Duterte and his lieutenants,” according to Trillanes.
      ( Again, he advised those “people monitoring what’s happening” – “Itigil na yang pagpapatugtog ng chipmunks version of torch songs. I prefer real karaoke music. Please naman…”)
      The Inquirer continues: (from Trillanes): “Assuming she accepts the invitation, she should go to that dinner with eyes wide open,” Trillanes said in a phone interview.
‘It’s a trap’
      In a statement, the senator warned Robredo “not (to) fall for that trap again” meant to “disarm and politically neutralize her at this time that (Mr.) Duterte is facing the biggest political storm yet of his term as President.”
       The President is not only facing an impeachment complaint in the House of Representatives but also an impending case before the International Criminal Court regarding his alleged involvement in the Davao Death Squad and extrajudicial killings of drug suspects, Trillanes said.
      He said Mr. Duterte had used this strategy before with Robredo when he belatedly offered her a Cabinet post under public pressure.
      Robredo later resigned as housing secretary after she was barred from attending Cabinet meetings.
Respect for mandate
      As for the President’s call for political truce and respect for his mandate, Trillanes said: “We respect the electoral mandate of President Duterte but that does not exempt him from being accountable for the crimes he has committed.”
      “You are not above the law,” he told the President.
       Mr. Duterte invited Robredo to dinner after he had asked his allies to stop any impeachment bid against her, and yet accused her of being eager to replace him at the same time. xxx

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