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#DefendPressFreedom Forum Live Blog here on Feb. 6, 2018, Wednesday at 10am -1:30pm at the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Mass Communication auditorium  (see posts, comments section below starting at 10:30am Feb. 6, for the live blog)

my notes: On the constant threats and warnings constantly, consistently, and unceasingly issued by President Duterte against Rappler, the Inquirer, ABS-CBN, and now the U.P. student movement, the President should take heed of what the Supreme Court  laid down in the leading case of Chavez vs. DOJ Sec Raul Gonzales G.R. No. 168338, February 15, 2008 on the warnings and threats issued by the then DOJ Secretary and the NTC that they would prosecute and jail all those who played the Hello Garci tapes by applying  the Anti-Wiretapping Law, the Supreme Court speaking through then Chief Justice Puno  held:
CJ Puno: “ xxx It is sufficient that the press statements were made by respondents while in the exercise of their official functions. Undoubtedly, respondent Gonzales made his statements as Secretary of Justice, while the NTC issued its statement as the regulatory body of media. Any act done, such as a speech uttered, for and on behalf of the government in an official capacity is covered by the rule on prior restraint. The concept of an “act” does not limit itself to acts already converted to a formal order or official circular. Otherwise, the non formalization of an act into an official order or circular will result in the easy circumvention of the prohibition on prior restraint. The press statements at bar are acts that should be struck down as they constitute impermissible forms of prior restraints on the right to free speech and press.
“There is enough evidence of chilling effect of the complained acts on record. The warnings given to media came from no less the NTC, a regulatory agency that can cancel the Certificate of Authority of the radio and broadcast media. They also came from the Secretary of Justice, the alter ego of the Executive, who wields the awesome power to prosecute those perceived to be violating the laws of the land. After the warnings, the KBP inexplicably joined the NTC in issuing an ambivalent Joint Press Statement. After the warnings, petitioner Chavez was left alone to fight this battle for freedom of speech and of the press. This silence on the sidelines on the part of some media practitioners is too deafening to be the subject of misinterpretation.
“The constitutional imperative for us to strike down unconstitutional acts should always be exercised with care and in light of the distinct facts of each case. For there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to slippery constitutional questions, and the limits and construct of relative freedoms are never set in stone. Issues revolving on their construct must be decided on a case to case basis, always based on the peculiar shapes and shadows of each case. But in cases where the challenged acts are patent invasions of a constitutionally protected right, we should be swift in striking them down as nullities per se. A blow too soon struck for freedom is preferred than a blow too late.
“xxx (T)he petition is GRANTED. The writs of certiorari and prohibition are hereby issued, nullifying the official statements made by respondents on June 8, and 11, 2005 warning the media on airing the alleged wiretapped conversation between the President and other personalities, for constituting unconstitutional prior restraint on the exercise of freedom of speech and of the press. xxx SO ORDERED.”

14 thoughts on “#DefendPressFreedom Forum Live Blog here Feb. 6 10am #universityofthephilippines #UPDiliman CMC (see posts, comments section below)

  1. “Ayon sa Supreme Court, hindi ka maaaring gumamit ng batas para supilin ang malayang pamamahag.”

  2. [Comm 120 – Media Law]

    “Ayon sa Supreme Court, hindi maaaring gamitin ang ligal na pamamaraan para supilin ang lehitimong malayang pamamahayag (Lambino, 2018).”

  3. Ang ganyang sakim na kapangyarihan ay matatalo lamang kung dilat ang bawat isa sa pawang katotohanan. Higit sa lahat, kung magkakaisang lalaban at titindig sa tamang panig! (Laws on Media)

  4. [MEDIA LAW]

    “Wala siyang karapatan na pakialaman ang kung ano mang ginagawa ng mga estudyante sa paaralan dahil ito ay sakop ng kanilang karapatan sa pamamahayag.”

    (Lambino, 2018)

  5. [Comm 120 – Media Law]

    Ms. Inday Varona on Duterte’s statements

    NV: Paano raw ba ma-uundersiege ang democracy kung ang ingay-ingay ng social media?
    NV: Paano niya ibibigay ang slots sa mga Lumads kung binobomba niya ang mga lupa nila?

  6. COMM120 Laws on Mass Media

    Speaker: Marichu Lambino
    “The Chilling Effect”
    -pagpapanginig sa pananakot sa pamamahayag

    “A blow too soon struck for freedom is preferred than a blow too late.”

    Kahit may batas na pinanghahawakan ang estado kung ito ay ginagawa sa pagsupil ng malayang pamamahayag, hindi siya effective.

    Di ka pwede iexpel kahit ng presidente ng Pilipinas. Una sa lahat ay wala siyang batas na pinanghahawakan.

    Hindi daw nagalit sa pagpoprotesta pero sa walk-out. Bakit? Dahil tinatamaan sya sa mga panawagan: Oust Duterte! It strikes at the heart of what he is doing.

    This is not about the walkouts but the contents of what it is saying.

    Ang ginagawa ni Duterte ay hindi lang pagbabanta sa karapatan, pero lantarang iligal.

  7. Comm 120 – Media Law

    “Ang unang ginawa ni Duterte ay mag justify ng pagpaslang ng mga mamamahayag.”

    (Varona, 2018)

    “Si Duterte ang numero unong source ng disinformation.”

    (Varona, 2018)

    “This is one of the biggest lies Duterte said: press freedom is a privilege.”

    (Varona, 2018)

  8. Comm 120 – Media Law

    “Yun ang hanapbuhay ng troll, i-divert ang issue.” (Varona, 2018)

    “We just need to br proactive.” (Varona, 2018)

    “Peddling lies is the favorite pastime of the government.” (Varona, 2018)

  9. [COMM 120 – MEDIA LAW]
    SPEAKER: Ma’am Inday Varona

    “There is no substitute to warm bodies. The best way for us to learn between the lies and the truth is going out into the world and seeing for ourselves how people are oppressed and how people fight back.”

    “Walang pakikibakang mananalo kung hindi tayo lumubog at makinig sa mga taong gusto natin maipahayag ang istorya.”

    “We need to amplify each other’s voices. Amplification of voice is a huge threat to the Duterte administration”

  10. COMM 110 Ethics
    J 101

    Impunity Reigns

    “Napakahalaga ang panahaon na ito sa history.”
    “Parang bumabalik nanaman tayo sa history. Wag natin hayaan na bumalik tayo sa dilim.” – Miko, Student Council Officer

    As Maskom Students, we are not new to this. We have influence in social media networks. Our influence is big enough to propagate the true situation of media.

    Tuloy ang laban!

  11. [COMM 120 – MEDIA LAW]

    “You need to know the enemy if you are going to fight him or her.” (Varona, 2018)

    “They are systematic. The enemy has already calculated it while we forget to fight back.” (Varona, 2018)

  12. Comm 120 Media Law

    “Hindi siya matatapos sa paggamit sa batas…Mas makikita pa natin ang mas mabangis na paggamit niya ng batas.” (Lambino, 2018)

    “We didn’t do our responsibility as truth seekers.” (Varona, 2018)

    “Tayong lahat kasi pinabayaan natin ang obligasyon nating maghanap at magkalat ng katotohanan. Syempre they filled the vacuum.” (Varona, 2018)

    “Ang katotohanan hindi nalalaglag sa langit. Tinatanim yan, dinidiligan. Dapat ineexercise sa personal level. Kung nakakalimutan natin ang accuracy, this vacuum will be filled with peddlers of lies.” (Varona, 2018)

  13. [COMM 110 – MEDIA ETHICS]

    “Bakit ngayon lang pinansin ni Duterte ang nagwalkout? Ito ay dahil ang panawagan ng mga estudyante ay tumatama sa kanya. Ito yung patalsikin siya. Sa ganitong larangan, how dare he na iexpel niya tayo.” (Lambino, 2018)

    “Filipino journalists suffer the worst conditions. Security of tenure is weak, social benefits are lacking, there is a dearth in operational support.” (Varona, 2018)

    “Do not call fake news “fake news” anymore. Call spade a spade. What the Duterte administration is spreading are lies. Si Duterte ang numero unong source ng disinformation sa bansa.” (Varona, 2018)

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