Infinitely Brilliant Happy Birthmonth, Mark! ( Marco Paolo Lambino, Marco Lambino, Mark Lambino )

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An Infinitely Brilliant

     Happy Birthday and  Happy Birthmonth, Mark!

          – love from all of us

Marco Paolo Lambino / Marco Lambino / Mark Lambino,

is a computer science professional of a leading internationally recognized IT company with offices in the business centers of BGC and Ortigas. As a computer science graduate of the leading private University in computer science and engineering, Mark, together with his co-authors, won the Microsoft Conference Development award from Microsoft Corporation, based in Redmond, Washington, USA, signed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, 

(photo of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella by, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)

for their thesis on encryption algorithm for his and his “team’s brilliance in the field of Information/Application Security (as) Microsoft will continue to reward students who are brave enough to venture on the fields that are left behind and (who) show potential in them” (Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s citation of Mark’s award), at the Microsoft Conference “where students from the top universities and colleges collect and share their ideas in one of the most successful conventions in the world”. 

(photo, android-shot a couple of months ago)

Earlier in high school, Mark was the first placer of the National Career Assessment Examination of his entire high school batch. Mark is also currently ranked the top 100 gamers of the Asia-Pacific League of Legends (entire Asia and entire Pacific region), the top interactive global E-sport, now being considered a demonstration sport for the Olympics by the International Olympics Committee. 

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