English translation of i-pepê-i-dedê-pederalismo #Du30 #PresidentDuterte federalism campaign video prod of Mocha Uson here

RATED PG (for Parental Guidance)

English translation of i-pepê-i-dedê-pederalismo Duterte federalism campaign video prod of Mocha Uson here

    Embedded below is the viral federalism campaign video production of the Duterte administration Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson featuring the i-pepê-i-dedê-pederalismo jingle with dance rendered as part of Mocha Uson’s functions as government-designated campaigner for federalism, uploaded by Mocha Uson in her FB-blog and published by Manila Standard: (The English translation of i-pepê-i-dedê-pederalismo follows below)

       News reports in English of said video did not provide an English translation of i-pepê-i-dedê-pederalismo as shown in the video. It is basic in any newswriting stylebook that news reports in English should provide a translation in English of words in the dialect and of  non-English words. (Philippine Star provided some translation as follows: “”Pepe” is a Filipino word for the female reproductive organ while “dede” is a Filipino term for breast.”)

      For the benefit of the worldwide audience, the following is the English translation of the i-pepê-i-dedê-pederalismo lyrics-jingle-dance.

     The word “pepê”   (pronounced in Tagalog as indicated here; Mocha Uson’s tandem partner Drew Olivar does not have a Tagalog accent and pronounced both ê’s as soft e’s),  is the colloquial childish term for the female genitalia, or the vagina.

     The word dedê is the colloquial childish term for  the female breasts. In other words, they refer to “boobs”.

     The Mocha Uson tandem conjugated these terms; that is,  from pepê to i- pepê, and from dedê to i- dedê.

     Then, as verbs, they were used by the Mocha Uson tandem in the imperative tone, or in imperative sentences, or as verbs to instruct, (or to-tell-you-what-to-do verbs).

      The full English translation therefore of i-pepêi-dedêi-pepê-i-dedê-pederalismo is: “Use your vagina, use your boobs, use your vagina, use your boobs, for federalism.”

     The viral video was slammed by senators and drew strong reactions from government executive officials. Mocha Uson as a government official draws a basic salary of P160,000 a month and is a constant companion of President Duterte in his long and short foreign trips (President Duterte has no designated “First Lady”). Despite mounting clamor for her termination as assistant secretary, she continues to enjoy the President’s trust.

(tap on the “play arrow” to play the theme; if on mobile device, click “Listen in browser”)



(image credits: meme artist not indicated, published in several social media sites, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)

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