15hrs na! #WalangSkyCableSignal @SKYserves After u replied 13hrs ago that u refreshed my signal: Still#WalangSignal #WalangCable

15 hours na! #WalangSkyCableSignal @SKYserves After you replied 13 hours ago that you refreshed my signal: Still#WalangSignal #WalangCable

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   just got home. It has been 15 hours. 

      More than half a day ago, i woke to a world where everything was in place and predictable and Matt Damon in a re-run of “The Rainmaker” on Cinemax was walking to his character’s client’s house swishing in  baggy slacks and jacket at 95 pounds in an era where everyone weighed 90 pounds and had gaunt faces; then the movie characters were talking about their case with an unintrusive two camera setup without any stylized jarring handheld camera movements … then …  the screen blinked and turned blue and the graphics “No Signal” came on …   

   … i left it alone for an hour and puttered around… checked the connections and screws kahit wala namang hangin at wala namang pagkilos sa paligid ng TV stand (pagkilos daw) (even if there was no wind and no objects moved around the TV stand), then rebooted the cable box, etc. 

   then, politely, reported it to the hotline. Then i DM’ed @SKYserves. Then i tweeted and posted.

    Went to work the entire day, fulfilled my duties, contributed to the Gross National Product of the country consisting of services…

    Cable was a lifetime ago. After Sky Cable through @SKYserves replied to my tweet 13 hours ago that their staff refreshed the signal; the problem still persists!  i performed basic troubleshooting again. Still no signal. i’ve sent a third DM for the day. What is wrong?!

    Wala namang hangin, wala namang ulan,wala naman sigurong multo dito (there had been no winds, no rain, no poltergeist tripping the wires) What is the explanation? Just tell us what happened!

(image credits: Photo by Pexels files from the WordPress Free Stock Photo Library)



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