Law on Mass Media & Comm 8th Exercise here (Libel) deadline extended to Nov. 9

Law on Mass Media and Communication 8th Exercise here (Libel) deadline extended to Nov. 9 

     The 8th Exercise of the Law on Mass Media class can be posted here, either regular or bonus (choose one only), as stated and discussed in class, and with details reiterated in an email to be sent today (during office hours), with deadline extended to this Friday 5pm Nov. 9, 2018.

     Make sure to check your email before researching/ surfing and writing.

     Happy “resurgence” everyone! 

9 thoughts on “Law on Mass Media & Comm 8th Exercise here (Libel) deadline extended to Nov. 9


    Gretchen Fullido files sexual harassment, libel complaints against ABS-CBN execs

    “MANILA, Philippines – Entertainment reporter Gretchen Fullido has filed criminal complaints against ABS-CBN executives for alleged sexual harassment and libel.

    Fullido also filed libel complaints against ABS-CBN news executives Cecilia Drilon and Venancio Borromeo, along with news reporter Marie Lozano, who allegedly “besmirched her reputation” by saying that she filed sexual harassment complaints to leverage her employment status at the network.

    She also accused Drilon of victim-shaming after Drilon allegedly said Fullido deserved to be harassed for being willing to wear a bikini to boost TV Patrol ratings.”

    From the discussion, the alleged statements by Cecilia Drilon, Venancio Borromeo, and Marie Lozano are clearly defamation and defects the reputation of Fullido. There was a malice with the statement that she’s doing it to leverage her employment status when in fact, the sexual harassment complaints are valid. Also in this case, the defamation by Drilon et, al. is not a concern of the public, that is why it cannot be said that it is justifiable.


    “an org i am a member of held a fundraiser sale that raised 8,496 php for Sagip SC, and was donated directly to the bank account managed by the then-USC. we were told the money would be used to aid the stall owners. in what way have they been aided by sagip sc?”

    “we have never been updated. i specifically asked to be updated on where our donation was going. since june, the sagip sc coalition fb group and page has been silent and after the usc elections have passed it’s almost as if the coalition never happened”

    “the long and short of it is that benjie, jedd, whoever else, you screwed up. we want to be updated, and we demand that the money goes directly to the workers and doesnt stay floating around in a bank account that was originally designated for UP Fair funds. or still is? who knows”

    I think this is fair comment because it goes under the following:
    – acts of public officials (lack of accountability of the previous USC with regards where the donations went)
    – administering public institutions (in this case, a charitable institution to help the SC storeo wners)
    – involvement in a public event (a public event of fund raising was mentioned)
    – appeals to the public (especially to the UP community where the SC was a big part of)
    – must have some basis in fact (they were the ones who gave the money to the USC)

  3. 8th regular
    Ted Failon posts bail for libel charges
    ABS-CBN News
    Posted at Aug 15 2017 06:18 PM | Updated as of Aug 16 2017 01:06 AM

    “MANILA (UPDATED/CORRECTED) – Broadcast journalist Ted Failon on Tuesday posted bail at a local court in Tagaytay City after he was indicted for libel for alleged questionable content of an episode of ABS-CBN show “Failon Ngayon.”

    Former MMDA Chairman Francisco Tolentino filed a libel case against Failon and three other staff members of the ABS-CBN current affairs program Failon Ngayon.

    The libel case is based on a Failon Ngayon episode that tackled the MMDA’s alleged questionable purchase of 18 motorcycles in 2014. These motorcycles were used during the visit of Pope Francis in Manila. “

    Although former MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino argues that Ted Failon’s episode on “Failon Ngayon” show besmirched his reputation, exposed him to public contempt and ridicule, as a government official during the time of the questionable purchases of the motorcycles, this is considered an issue of public interest. In our class discussion, it was mentioned that defamation is actionable unless good motives or justifiable ends (public interest) could be shown. In this case, the information used in the TV show was from COA report and clearly, news about a corrupt act where a public official is involved where public interest can be shown becomes a privileged communication and therefore can be exempt from libel.

    News link:



    I believe he has a fair comment as it comprises of the following:

    one, affairs of the state, the workings of government, acts of governance, and acts of public officials
    two, the manner of administering public institutions such as educational, religious, charitable institutions, etc.
    three, the quality of public infrastructure, public works, public utilities, can be criticized or commented upon
    fifth, consumer products
    and tenth, there is a catch-all: appeals to the public.

    His comment and opinion goes two ways: it’s a commentary on what the government is doing as well as how the people wrongly, according to him, act about it. Because it is government-related and directed to the people, it is a matter of public interest. His statements are also based on facts and he even (or someone else) commented the links to the facts he posted. Finally, it is his own personal opinion and he has every right to do so since he based it on materials he’s read and deems credible.



    Broadcast Torralba cleared of libel charges

    A veteran radio broadcaster was cleared of libel charges filed by Wellington Lim, brother of businessman Peter Lim who was publicly identifies by President Rodrigo Duterte as among the country’s biggest drug lords.

    By: Ador Vincent S. Mayol
    Published August 11, 2017 – 10.36 PM

    Broadcaster Cirse “Choy” Torralba’s plea to dismiss the case against him was granted by Judge Sylva Aguirre-Paderanga. “Viewed from the foregoing established facts, this court finds that the evidence of the prosecution is insufficient to prove the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt of the crime charged,” the judge said as stated in the news article. Furthermore, the judge cited the prosecution’s failure to formally offer as evidence the tape-recorded remarks of Torralba in his radio program. It was also stated in the news article that Paderanga said, “The lone and uncorroborated testimony of Dioscoro Fuentes Jr. cannot be relied upon by the court for it to render a guilty verdict against the accused.” Fuentes was presented by the prosecution as its lone witness in the libel case against Torralba.

    It was discussed in class that “defamation is actionable unless good motives or justifiable ends, public interest, could be shown.” In the case Torralba, his reporting of an account or event where he mentioned seeing the Lim brothers having dinner with the then-top official of the NBI was of justifiable ends. The Lim brothers are considered public figures in that they gained prominence by reason of great wealth, crime, and involvement in a newsworthy event (i.e. the Lim brothers were investigated by Congress as early as 2001 over their alleged involvement in the illegal drugs trade). As also discussed in class, this would fall under the “Public Figure Doctrine”.


    “Mga taong tamad gusto laging libre kakapal ng mukha nyo ui wg laging asa s gobyerno," as one netizen commented on the latest mobilization of KADAMAY San Roque yesterday. #SaveSanRoqueAs a member of KADAMAY, it pains me to see lots & lots of comments like this online. (thread)— Arvin #SaveSanRoque #JoinKADAMAY (@arvinjustice) October 23, 2018

    The thread embedded above is on the mobilization of the leftist urban poor group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) in San Roque. I consider this as a fair comment because it adheres to the following subjects of fair comment:
    – Affairs of the state, the workings of government – the government failing to support/provide support to these urban poor group.
    – Appeals to the public – calls to the public (specially the online community) to stop denouncing them as lazy but instead help them fight for their rights.
    – Involvement in a public event – the demolition in San Roque and mobilization of the Kadamay group
    – Have some basis in fact – he himself is a member of Kadamay

    Before anything, Congratulations Ateneo, indeed you were the better team Saturday. Our boys tried but will be objective enough to say they fell short. But today, this thread isn’t about that. it’s about something much bigger.
    So today we get this, rave reviews about this Ateneo player called Kouame and how he’s now Ateneo’s Ben Mbala…but wait, didn’t that school in Katipunan HATE Ben Mbala? Weren’t people up in arms about Ben getting his 2nd MVP last year? Have we forgotten all of this? (article of kouame being the mbala of Ateneo)
    NOPE. We haven’t forgotten because the RECEIPTS are HERE. EXHIBIT A – Ding Marcelo of Manila Bulletin calling Mbala “best talent in basketball in our universities today, but he is also the BEST EXAMPLE OF WHAT’S WRONG with Philippine sports (article from rapplre about mbala being an example of how ph seeks imported talent over local)
    Or how about EXHIBIT B, when Nico Salva said there should be a separate MVP title for Foreign players…which is quite funny given that as Kouame made that dunk Saturday, the Ateneo crowd shouted MVP, MVP!!! Ang bilis mag 180 ah! (Article of Nico Salva suggesting a separate mvp title for non filipinos)
    but the clincher here is Exhibit C, @benmbala OWN tweet (and a follow through article) that seriously enraged me how to see how pathetic people are – and made me believe just how true Filipinos are helluva racist. (tweet from mbala and a separate article claiming pinoys are racist)
    So now, all is fine and dandy because it’s THE Ateneo and THE Ateneo never seems to do anything wrong right? My, my, my – how the tables have turned and I don’t see any naysayers now? So clearly WE aren’t imagining things.

    U know, I get the rivalry and I get the competition and that we shouldn’t be sore losers but what I can’t accept is the fact that if it’s anything LA SALLE seems to do – it’s always tainted and with malice which makes me think, wow ganyan kayo kathreatened that EXHIBIT D was done (article banning mbala playing in uaap)

    So let’s not kid ourselves, all the RACIST SHIT you threw to Ben for how many years straight suddenly is gone because its not DLSU with an import now and all the guy wanted to do was PLAY and call me a sore loser and all but we all know what you did. WAG KAYO MAGHUGAS KAMAY.
    At the end of the day, at least we can sleep soundly at night without a peep from our side on Kouame playing, we know he’s there, we respect his game and that’s that. We welcome competition pero please REFLECT on the crap you threw at us and to Ben most especially

    HE deserved another playing year, and just so u know, we didn’t just lose a player, we lost a brother bec. he IS FAMILY. If ever u win at the end ateneo – I hope that the shade you threw us way back wil be the tasty icing on top of that trophy and ur hypocrisy comes full circle.
    So in this post, the user talks about the discrimination among filipinos towards athletes. In this case former de lasalle green archer ben mbala, has received criticism for his skills on the court because he is of a different race. The writer expresses his anger and shows proof of this in many different forms. This in my opinion is a fair comment because of the target itself, which is sports and the very toxicity involved in the industry (9). This can also be fair since he defends mbala’s skills, as some athletes would consider their performances on their fields their crafts (7). He also only uses comments portrayed from media articles or tweets (8). He also points out the hypocrisy shown by Ateneans who used to bash mbala for always beating them (2). And lastly he also defends the very work of mbala (4), to athletes what they do on their fields usally is their sources of income.


    A thread on Bohemian Rhapsody movie:

    This thread of the user @RekomenByAsrul is an example of a fair comment for the following reasons:
    1. Under the categories established by jurisprudence, a movie (especially those which are accessed through cinemas) is a product that is consumed by the audience therefore the user has the right to state his/her opinion to its quality.
    2. A movie is a kind of public entertainment which the user has consumed by watching the movie which is available in a communal space – the cinema/theatre.
    3. According to the categories established by jurisprudence, a film is an example of literary and artistic work that could be commented on.
    4. I think the user’s comments (or criticisms) are their honest opinions for they are a fan of Queen – which makes their comments of something that has ‘validation’.

    In its entirety, I feel like as a consumer, the consumer has the right to comment on what their experience was despite the comment being not of majority’s opinion. People don’t experience things in similar way which makes their views in life different from one another, all because of the framework of ‘intersectionality’.

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