Ethics 2nd Media Monitor (Social Media 2) Regular: Valentine Social Media. Bonus: Right to a Free Press Social Media Monitor

The Ethics 2nd Media Monitor (Social Media 2) can be posted here.

     Regular Media Monitor: The regular media monitor for the week is a review or evaluation of  Valentine Social Media posts (FB, IG, YT, Twitter, etc) using the social media standards.

  The Bonus post is: An evaluation or review of specific social media posts that came out this week on the right to a free press in view of the challenge to the ABS-CBN franchise. In the evaluation, state how you found the social media post, and use the social media community standards in evaluating the post. (for class members: You may use the post you yourself found and discussed in class).

    Deadlines are every Wednesday at 11:59pm unless otherwise stated. Therefore, the deadline here is on Wednesday Feb. 19, 2020 at 11:59pm.

    Happy Valentines!



    Solicitor General Jose Calida claims that the quo warranto has no political agenda, but social media users on Twitter beg to differ. They have been bringing up links of past and present news that shows how the ABS-CBN franchise has conflicted with President Rodrigo Duterte since 2016. Netizens cry out that this is a clear attack on press freedom.

    The following is some news Twitter users have posted on their timelines:

    Duterte to ABS-CBN: Help promote federalism (
    TIMELINE: Duterte against ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal (
    Duterte calls ABS-CBN a ‘thief’ and promises to block the renewal of its license (

    This is good social media practice because it seeks accountability. Real Twitter users have stated facts to explain how the right to a free press is compromised. They did not need to result in profanity, abusive language, hateful speech, and inauthentic behavior.


    On February 10, 2020, Manila Bulletin posted on their Facebook page images of the official statement of ABS-CBN on Office of the Solicitor General’s (OSG) quo warranto petition. The post gained 671 reactions (as of today) with “Haha” being the most used reaction (352 reacts) in the post. In the comments section, most netizens’ comments (with most “Like” reactions) stated that they side with the OSG’s petition to shutdown ABS-CBN. They believe that the said network is biased and unlawful, questioning if ABS-CBN is real “In the service of the Filipino”. In a particular comment, a netizen posted a comic showing the media is a puppet of the Liberal Party with the logos of DZMM Teleradyo,, ABS-CBN News, and Rappler on the side; embedded with hashtags such as #YesToABSCBNshutdown , #Presstitutes , #NoToFakeNews.

    Link to the post:

    Manila Bulletin did their part in providing the news for information and transparency but the netizens’ behavior in the online community is not a good social media practice. They tend to reject the idea of the bigger picture (attack on press freedom) and succumb in culminating hate speech, online bullying, and black PR.


    Chel Diokno tweeted on February 10, 2020, at 10:25pm regarding the filling of the quo warranto against ABSCBN, saying that the government is reusing a favorite move in order to silence critics, like they did previously with CJ Sereno. Diokno also stated that ever since the Court opened the door of the quo warranto before, it released a new weapon against the freedom of our people, and asked who will be next after ABSCBN.

    Link to tweet:

    I think the tweet of Chel Diokno was in tune with good social media standards, because it was a freedom of speech and opinion, and it did relate back to past events, but what was problematic are the replies to the tweet that were blatantly attacking Chel Diokno, one user even telling Diokno to “shutdown himself” because his face had a deadly weapon.
    It is this type of group think in social media posts that are against a certain group’s beliefs that are not in accordance to social media standards and only tend to resort to ad hominem, online bullying, hate speech, and adding nothing to the argument.

  4. BONUS

    The UP College of Mass Communication Student Council released a statement that condemns Solicitor General Jose Calida’s quo warranto petition urging the Supreme Court to nullify ABS-CBN’s franchise.

    In the statement of UP CMCSC it stated “this is a testament that the de facto Martial Law is indeed in place in our country. We’ve seen that attempts to suppress the freedom of the press are the works of a dictator, as it was during the Marcos era. In its crackdowns, the very state does not recognize its people’s constitutional right to a free press.”


    I found out about the statement because it was one of the CMC council’s first agenda when the news broke out. I think it was important that the College of Mass Communication Student Council released a statement condemning the petition and challenging the Supreme Court to uphold the freedom of the press. A college where press, media, and communication is the foundation, the statement represents the urgency and the importance of the Filipino to unite and defend press freedom.

  5. The following is the quoted thread by Dingdong Dantes on Twitter. This is the same one I shared in class last meeting.

    “Magkaiba man ng bakod, we are one in the media industry. We have one love for the many talents and crafts under this Network, the products and output of which, directly or indirectly, benefit the lives of millions of Filipinos… Rep. Atienza of @buhayparty_list in his speech yesterday at the Congress, said that: “Inaction will only spell the weakening of the foundations of our democratic system. If Congress will not take action, Rep. Atienza added: “this Congress is really paralyzed with inaction; and we should not be deserving to be called representatives of the people.”… In the end, I pray that the true interests of the people, under the rule of law, will prevail over any other political agenda conveniently veiled as a countermeasure against alleged abuses.”

    This tweet showed up on my Twitter timeline when someone I followed retweeted it. I personally like Dingdong’s statement because he expressed his sentiment not only about his rival media company’s possible shut down, but a sentiment about our government and their biases getting in the way of their fairness. His tweet says much more than a “No”to the ABS-CBN shut down; it is a statement advocating for the free press and for the people in the government to use their voice and power to do good by the people, not by their selfish interests.

    It is worded well and does not use foul language to prove a point. It does not violate any of the social media community standards. As a well known celebrity from the rival network, a statement like this says so much about the fight for a free press. It does not matter whether you are a Kapamilya, Kapuso, or Kapatid, this is a fight for and by all networks, media companies, and audiences.

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