#atm #atthemoment Face Shields for family 👪 members and friends, spontaneously bought over the accessories counter, UP Town Center

tap the play arrow (if on mobile, click “Listen in browser”) on the soundcloud pod below … for all the baby-faced-wearing-face-shielders:



at the moment:  Face Shields for family 👪 members and friends, spontaneously bought over the accessories counter at the UP Town Center …

   …made sure that  no frontliner was being deprived by inquiring whether or not  it was in short supply, and the sales associate said more than enough supplies were made for ordinary people who have to go back to work or go around …

   by the way,  i made face shields from headbands and biodegradable but water-resistant cellophane (biodegradable dissolves in about a year.  just replace the cellophane after maybe a dozen uses )   —- one headband had bling and crystals on it , in other words, it was a bejewelled face shield… if i have some #meTime,  another DIY video (instructional video) will be produced from the fuchsia-pink room 💃 , and you can decide which would you rather wear: a face shield with white foam,  or one with swarovski crystals 👑…? 

   … can also probably design and make one from the Filipino indigenous tubao cloth — way cooler than bubbles and bling, right? (today’s #meTime is going to be spent distributing sandwiches 🍕 and the remaining face shields 🐾 )


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