The new Isko campaign ad (pag-aralan, study it, ganito po gumawa ng ad, huhuhu 😭😱😭)

(i’m just commenting lang po on the theme and technical aspect of the ad and not on the fitness of candidates)

Isko and Pacman both have a Cinderella story.

FIRST LINE: “…i started working at the age of ten…bilang basurero

(…as a scavenger)… “. (Isko ad)

How many in the lineup can say that?

Simple but powerful — who made this ad, huhuhu 😭😱😭. Narrative and voice/tone.

But the difference in image between the two is, Isko has a humble and meek but streetwise tone, while Pacman preaches (or sermonizes). That means: Isko shows rather than tells, and this ad does that, set to gentle, moving music slowly building up at seamless 4-seconds-per-frame, effortlessly panning with each iterating shot… leading to “…ako kayo (ako ay kayo) hindi sumusuko. Ako po si Isko. Kayo si Isko…Tayo si Isko. ” i’d like to shake the hand (elbow-bump) of the campaign team members and head — Pag-aralan ang ginawa nya huhuhu 😰(study it, this is how to make an ad) Ganito, ganito po kung paano gumawa ng ad, my gosh huhuhu 😭😭😭

Credits: As stated in the ad

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