ASEAN Law and International Law Expert Atty/Prof Jacqueline Joyce Espenilla speaks on “West Ph Sea and the 🐠 fish on our tables” Oct 15 at 2pm

From the organizers: Quote “Join this multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion on the implications of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in the West Philippine Sea for Philippine food security in observance of World Food Day 2021

Quote “The Philippine fishing industry is significant in the country’s economy. Millions of Filipinos’ are employed in the fishing sector, in municipal, aquaculture and in commercial fishing. The bodies of water surrounding the country, naturally provide the people opportunities – to catch fish and to eat fish.

Quote “According to the Philippine Statistics Authority in 2020 “the total volume of fisheries production estimated at 4,403.71 thousand metric tons was reduced by -0.3 percent from the previous year’s record.

Quote “Volume of production from municipal fisheries and aquaculture recorded decreases while commercial fisheries registered improvement during the year.” What will the 2021 and the next year’s reports reflect?

Quote “As vast as the seas around the Philippine archipelago, the question arises, do we have enough fish to sustain us and the next generation, or are we fishing excessively to the point of threatening our national food security?
Quote “To better understand the West Philippine Sea’s value to the country in terms of food security and economic stability, Rappler, in partnership with USAID Fish Right Project, will hold a roundtable discussion on October 15, 2021 at 2:00 pm.” Close-quote (from the organizers)

To join the discussion via Zoom, view the link :

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