of families and movements

sibayandoveseries.jpg Danilo “Dani” Sibayan. Doves of Peace series. 1992. Watercolor. Pinoy Arte Filipino Art Gallery. Rightclicked and downloaded with express permission, non-commercial use of course (thanks again!) from the webmaster at  www.pinoyarte.com prices of paintings: check website.


From Voltaire Lozada:     


      Quote “the thorough surfing of the net regarding these issues led me to your blogsite… i’m a nephew of Jun Lozada, and I thank you for your genuine concern for this country by following these events… 


         Quote “GMA 7 was calling up my dad (my dad was the guy who filed the Writ of Amparo, and the same guy whom my uncle had called upon his arrival from Hong Kong) when Harapan went on air. Of course they would be furious because ABS-CBN had ratings all for themselves. But as it turns out, it wasn’t that bad for them, as Harapan turned out to be an extended “1 vs. 100My uncle was eager to hear what Abalos would say, and us Lozadas were never taught to back down against anything, basta kaya. He has a good ally with him, truth. No matter how many pawns they throw at him, he’ll stand by his word. It’s just sad to know that these respectable journalists would submit to those kinds of manipulation…            Quote “Mike Defensor: “…tatrabahuhin lang naman namin sa media yan eh.” “ closed-quote. Comment by voltaire lozada — thep29e02beTue, 19 Feb 2008 21:09:45 +0000 28, 2007 @ 10:47 p02 


          Dear Mr. Voltaire Lozada,                     I hadn’t expected a letter like yours. Nephews, nieces, sons, daughters, children, shouldn’t have to be  dragged from their quiet happy  lives into the vortex of a disruptive unpredictable uncertain political storm if only we had finished the movements we started and fundamental changes we vowed to institute in  1986 and 2001, but we didn’t; we went on to go back to our comfortable lives, and now, young people like you have to pick up and look for solutions to bigger problems we have created; bigger problems because  the perpetrators are more adept. We finished the plunder case of Estrada, status reports and case folder archived neatly with stories to tell the next generation but the plundering continues on a much larger scale. The massive stealing continues and the perpetrators  have become more brazen snatching witnesses in broad daylight  in front of many people and their wailing wives and brothers and sisters —  as what happened to your uncle. And maybe that’s why many felt responsible for your uncle, and  decided to act all at the same time.  She can ignore only at her peril.     


     Maybe the corruption has seeped into certain members of the media, but when the Press does its job, it  does it real well:  it stops time, races after witnesses  and their captors, rouses  all of us up at 2:00 am for the nuns, captures live action in hearings, and gives comprehensive investigation and insight. I guess we have to look at their entire body of work, and we will see too, with the good and the bad, that  throughout the unfolding of this story, the DZMM live coverages, the ANC interviews, the Probe Team and Correspondents’ investigative reports, constantly  and tirelessly informed us.  Not  many were too happy with the Harapan episode, (Abalos’s lawyer being allowed to speak at length, Abalos being given pre-production with his   “exhibits” with yellow highlight projected  on TV but no pre-production for your uncle’s work and no lawyer for your uncle;  the delayed, because remote, audio from your uncle, some senseless questions, and your uncle having to contend with not just Abalos, but the lawyer, Razon, Formoso, Golez, Donald Dee.). We can look too  at the entirety of  all the shows on the subject matter. Last night on “The Correspondents” (ABS-CBN) i saw a well-researched, well-backgrounded investigative report on trade, foreign, and diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China, China’s expansionist ambitions, and how China sweetened these with contracts  like the ZTE deal (i haven’t read any of the contracts and trade agreements so i cannot verify), maybe their good outnumber their bad  nine out of ten, i don’t know, let’s continue keeping each other on our toes.    


     I do not know where the “communal actions”, the prayer assemblies, the confessions and expressions of guilt, the  candle-lighting and the stepping-out-of-our-confines would lead us; but i know it will purify all of us. And when it does, we’re all set.  


        (just keep away the politicans and candidates-wannabes, they’re the same breed as Gloria).     


        Thank you for writing! 

                                                                                                                                                                         –   marichu