So 1990’s

Di ba hindi na uso ang group email? Gosh! That is so 1990’s. It’s as 1990’s as 3-inch super big double breasted suits. They should just send me a note; a real note; that they wrote; telling me off, or giving me my comeuppance or whatever it is that they want to tell me, but not one addressed to the public. Dapat mag-blog sila. Kung tutuusin, parang spam yung group email, it’s unsolicited uninvited and unwanted; so I automatically check the box under “delete” without even opening them except those from relatives.

Gosh. It clogs your mailbox when you don’t check in for two days! Now, if nobody reads/ visits their blogs that’s their problem; they should invite people to visit their blogs, but invite them once only, not everyday. People should stop sending group emails and just put up blogs (and wallow if nobody reads you!) but don’t send me group emails unless you’re my relative. And then they even display your email address in the address bar together with 100 others or 20 others; it’s an invasion of one’s privacy. I don’t read your group email, ano!!! Unwelcome.

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