Ethics 2nd Media Monitor (regular or bonus but not both) Deadline Feb.16

Ethics Second Media Monitor, regular or bonus but not both (see instructions stated in the discussion under the First Media Monitor) with deadline on Feb. 16, 2019 at 11:59pm (this is to give a heads up to everyone especially to class members who were absent and could not avail of the points for the topic under the First Media Monitor).

   For the regular post: Please evaluate any media content using the SPJ Code of Ethics, the Philippine Press Code of Ethics (PPI)  (you may either read in advance or wait until we discuss the topic this week) or the Philippine Press Expanded Code of Ethics.

    For the bonus post: Please choose one from any of the Bonus Titles (see list provided under  the discussion on the First Media Monitor), provided that no class member may use the same bonus topic more than once (for example, do not keep posting on advertorials, your extra posts (the second and succeeding on the same repeated bonus topic will be graded as regular posts, not as bonus).

   As stated repeatedly, late posts will not be given points for the week — which would be considered defaulted if late. The late post however will be considered for the next week as “advanced”, subject to the limit of only one post per week shall be given points. The one weekly post may either be  regular or bonus but not both — any extra post will be moved to the next week for points.

      Advanced non-commercialized Happy Valentines!

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