Legal issues discussed on worldwide television ( 40 or so television videos from news organizations: will pixelate in five seconds depending on internet speed)

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June 20, 2022 news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

June 2, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

May 19, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

May 19, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

May 5, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

May 5, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

April 9, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

Feb 16, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

Feb 7, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

Feb. 8, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

Jan. 25, 2022, news video, discussion of legal issues in interview format, embedded below:

January 25, 2022: Comprehensively spot-on questions from ABS-CBN Teleradyo “On the Spot” anchors Tony Velasquez, Danny Buenafe (Producer Charlie Navartey, Asst Pam Munji)  (Note: Ang tinalakay ay ukol sa right of access to information at, hinggil dito, ukol sa public access sa SALN ng isang kandidato kung ito ay mahahalal, at ukol sa paglahok o pagtanggi at hindi paglahok ng sinumang kandidato sa mga interbyu at debate. Sa pagiging patas po, wala pong inendorsong kandidato sa buong panayam (hindi rin po ako nag-endorso ng sinumang kandidato sa ininterbyu)

Headline Pilipinas

The World Tonight

On the Spot News Program

TV Patrol


Headline Pilipinas


ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC)

Worldwide television videos:  Legal discussion beamed nationwide and internationally:  laws and cases explained (will take a few seconds to pixelate depending on speed of internet connection being used)

      One hour before the  cyberlibel promulgation against journalists June 15, 2020, possible 7-year prison, bail on appeal discretionary; 15 mins before promulgation while watching the courthouse scene was gut-wrenching for the resource person, apologies po

       This is the full length interview in Headstart, ABS-CBN, by Karen Davila one hour before promulgation in the cyberlibel case against Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and reporter Reynaldo Santos Jr. Said journalists faced a possible prison term of seven years with bail on appeal being discretionary on the court.

      In discussing the “Public Figure Doctrine”, elements of libel, penalties made harsher by cyberlibel, implications on all who use the internet throughout the interview, reference was made to the sources relied upon by the reporter and editors.

       It was also mentioned in the interview that the Shield Law was invoked in not disclosing the author of the intelligence report :  resource person said “reporter” there… Clarification:  it was one of the editors who invoked the Shield Law on cross-examination.

(Postscript: the judge however opined that the complainant was a private person, thus, the Public Figure Doctrine, in the judge’s opinion, supposedly did not set in  —  for the judge)


 ABS-CBN covered the promulgation real-time simultaneously with insets and live cut-to-cuts at the Manila courthouse.

     (written after viewing this a week later) … Upon seeing the courthouse corridor, live, teeming with camera crew and while watching ABS-CBN reporter Mike Navallo describe the scene 15 minutes before the promulgation — or in the last two minutes of the interview — there was a figurative wrenching in the gut – a manifestation of “i-have-a-bad-feeling-about-this…”

(di maiiwasan na tuluyan na rin pong gumulo ang buhok ko nuong “i-have-a-bad-feeling-about-this”  at  the close of the interview, sorry powz — because the judge had ignored all law when the prescriptive period was done away with from the very beginning …)

     The discussion starts at timer  8:00 of the June 15 vid.



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Worldwide television video of a live feed of  June 15, 2020, 7:30am live interview two hours before promulgation of the libel case against journalists Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and reporter Reynaldo Santos.


Lawyers know the bad, worse, and worst scenarios during promulgation where the penalty crosses over to prision mayor and bail on appeal is discretionary …

(… resource person  lost sleep the night before on this…  informed producers … to explain the harried appearance). (video embedded after the photo)



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Worldwide television video of a live feed of June 3, 2020 live interview on the constitutional law issues raised  at the congressional hearing  on the  franchise (by phonepatch because laptop suddenly updated, so Zoom lagged and could not pixelate)



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Worldwide television video of a live feed of June 1, 2020 , primetime morning show on ABS-CBN News Channel, Live, annotating the congressional franchise hearing.

 Backgrounding the allegations: First Congressional Hearing, ABS-CBN Franchise,    June 1, 2020

The allegations discussed were: 1.Period granted to media franchises; 2.PDRs; 3. Citizenship : (for details, see on-air discussion video discussion embedded below)  

     (The 5G LTE at home was flickering (unusual and a first) for the Zoom discussion, so the producer said that on those instances when the image of the resource person is starting to lag or slow-mo, it will cut to the live feed of the congress.)



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The first after the illegal shutdown of ABS-CBN: Worldwide television video of a live feed of May 8, 2020 at primetime morning show “Kabayan” by Noli de Castro at 6:30am



Worldwide television video of a live feed of May 8, 2020 at “Dateline” noontime news program



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Four days after the illegal shutdown of ABS-CBN: Worldwide television video of a live feed of May 9, 2020 at the weekend mid-morning news program “Magandang Morning” by Julius Babao



Worldwide television video of a live feed of Feb. 11, 2020


‘VITAL AS OXYGEN.’ Media law and ethics expert Atty. Marichu Lambino explains the role and the function of a free press in democracies. #ANCHeadstart

— ABS-CBN News Channel (@ANCALERTS) February 11, 2020



Worldwide television video of Jan. 30, 2018


April 24, 2014

July 7, 2014     



marichulambino is not on Facebook/ Twitter or any social network site, she can be contacted thru the office numbers

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                (Page under construction)

As a lawyer

Marichu is the TOWNS Awardee for Law (The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service) for 2004-2007 voted by the TOWNS panel of judges led by the Supreme Court Chief Justice for “achievement in the field of Law” “for the high standards of dedication and integrity that she exhibited as Chief Legal Counsel of the University of the Philippines (Diliman), her courage as a private prosecutor and TV annotator during the impeachment of former President Estrada; her resoluteness in challenging government to live up to the standards of nationalism, human rights, and good governance…” in awarding ceremonies hosted by the President of the Republic of the Philippines on October 28, 2004 at the Malacañang Palace.

As U.P. Diliman Chief Legal Officer (1994-1996), for the 19 months of aggressive litigation, corporate, and administrative work, presiding over 226 completed contract-reviews, 155 legal research and opinions, delivering 71 U.P. University housing units to faculty awardees after making them cleared of illegal occupants, and winning a total of 80 cases and pending incidents, she received an Award of Merit from U.P. Diliman In recognition of her “…pioneering efforts, outstanding leadership, team-building skills, administrative competence…”

The cases she litigated in the Supreme Court as UP Diliman Chief Legal Officer became landmark cases such as: Posadas, Torres-Yu, and Lambino vs. Ombudsman and Dizon (NBI), et al , G.R. No. 131492, September 29, 2000 and Dizon vs. Lambino, A.C. No. 6968, August 9, 2006 on attempted invalid warrantless arrests on-campus, and other cases arising from the same, and are now included among leading cases in criminal procedure on warrantless arrests.

As a member of the Public Interest Law Center, she delivered the oral arguments in the Supreme Court en banc in the “Visiting Forces Agreement case” entitled Bayan et al vs. Executive Secretary Ronaldo Zamora, G.R. No. 138570 October 10, 2000 for the main petitioner, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – the first legal challenge to the constitutionality of the VFA. The trailblazing case is the forerunner to a host of cases filed by other groups and organizations in the next twenty years on international agreements on military exercises on Philippine soil.

As a member of the prosecution team, for winning the plunder case People of the Philippines v. Joseph Estrada, et al., 26558 Sandiganbayan, September 12, 2007, the Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of the Philippines recognized her work and that of members of the prosecution team with an Award on its 16th Anniversary on May 21, 2004 at the Office of the Ombudsman for her “selfless service, dedication, tireless efforts in assisting the Office of the Ombudsman for in the prosecution of the plunder case against former President Joseph Estrada” She was also cited for excellent public service by the Special Prosecutor of Ombudsman’s Office for her work in the plunder case People vs. Estrada, Oct. 17, 2007 upon successful termination of the case.

The Philippine Graphic Magazine voted and listed her as the Top 25 Young Leaders for 2004 for their anniversary issue.

The Philippine Association of University Women- U.P. Chapter and the U.P. Center for Women’s Studies awarded her a “Certificate of Recognition” “for her exemplary dedication and for her service to the nation that has done women proud and brought distinction to the Alma Mater, the University of the Philippines”, on Dec. 20, 2004 at the U.P. Executive House.

The Marie Claire Magazine Philippines launching issue voted and listed her as the Top 25 Women Who Changed Our Lives (“Top 25 Women Who Rock”, Oct. 21, 2005 for “… (T)heir their commitment to and excellence in their respective fields that make them incredible. They act with courage and conviction. They epitomize all that is great and inspiring about Filipino women. They join Marie Claire Philippines in celebrating the launch of its very first issue.” Ibid)

Earlier, she was a member of the impeachment prosecution team in the impeachment trial of then President Estrada, for which the Philippine Collegian in 2001 delivered a tribute to her as “private prosecutor, for integrity held above price, for service freely given, for truth steadfastly pursued, for embracing the ideals of the Philippine Collegian beyond the confines of the University.”; ang the University of the Philippines Diliman women’s center recognized her work in awarding ceremonies at the U.P. Executive House in 2001; the St. Scholastica Student Council recognized her “for her undying patriotism, love and service to all her Filipino countrymen” in July 6, 2001; and the Konggreso ng Mamamayang Pilipino (KOMPIL) (Congress of Filipino Citizens) delivered a tribute to her and impeachment private prosecutors for helping in the fight against corruption in the highest offices of the land and for upholding justice in 2002.

As Legal Researcher and Legal Resource Person

Marichu is a lawyer with a journalistic background and teaches Law on Mass Media and Communication, Communication and Media Ethics, Journalism Ethics, Fundamentals of Journalism, the graduate course Ethics and Legal Standards, Internship, Thesis, and other courses.

Her research work as faculty member includes the international academic uploaded work by Amazon in 2011 (Asian Media Information & Communication of Nanyang Technological University): Mateo, Florinda & Lambino, Marichu (2006) “(Chapter 4) Philippines, people’s power revolution redefines the role of the media”. In Kalinga Seneviratne & Suganthi Singarayar (Eds.), Asia’s march towards freedom of Expression and Development. Singapore: Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) and School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University (SCI-NTU)], Distributed by Amazon worldwide, published by Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) and School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University (SCI-NTU).

Her most recent work includes the empirical study on the “State of the Prosecution and Conviction for Online Libel for Feb. 2014-May 2016” as holder of the Ramon Cojuangco Professorial Chair for 2017-2018. The research is the first empirical study by a lawyer and educator on the phenomenon of libel prosecution for social media posts since the enactment of the Cybercrime Prevention Act.

From 2016-2019, she is a course developer, module designer, and content-generator for the topic “Law and Ethics in Science Journalism” as part of the UP System project, “Communicating Science and Technology Research and Development in UP or CoST-UP, funded thru an emerging interdisciplinary research program or EIDRP. Her final project, a course for professional journalists on “Contemporary Legal Issues and Issues of Ethics in Science Journalism” serves as guide for the professional science journalist to “learn to interrogate the extent of scientific research, priorities, and experimentation as well as raise questions on whether or not science research should be controlled, and why; or whether or not the use and dissemination of scientific knowledge should be limited, and why”.

From 2010-2012, Marichu conceptualized, built the research, wrote the multimedia track of the Graduate School Program and successfully presented and defended it at the Graduate Council (composed of all graduate faculty), at the Faculty Assembly, the University Council Committee on Curricular Proposals, the University Council at large (academic body composed of all professors), the highest academic policy-making body of U.P. Diliman. This work changed the face and substance of the graduate program of the Department, and brought the graduate curriculum to the 21st century, or the digital age.

In 2009, at the start of her 2009 term as department chair, Marichu summed up years of academic and professional work by faculty members, and conceptualized a proposed vision, mission, and goals for the Department. This was articulated in a Journalism Vision-Mission Paper that was published in the college and department website.

For the first time also, after four decades, the Department articulated its research agenda in 2009. Marichu summed up years of research experience by the faculty and presented a Journalism Research Agenda, which was reviewed and approved by the UP College of Mass Communication by the College Executive Board and published in the college and department website.



Marichu is an ashtang yoga practitioner on good days and bright mornings : View on Page 12 of the About Page at :

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  1. Hi Ma’am Marichu! I was actually wondering where my favorite Media Ethics and Law teacher from CMC is nowadays because I don’t get to see you much anymore in TV. Anyways, glad to have discovered your blog from UP CMC friends. : D


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  3. May I have this opportunity to say hello to you, Ms. Marichu. I remember so well during the early 80s where I use to hangout at ______ in _____ talking to On__, V___ and M__. I am an avid fan of yours.


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