obviously, can’t blog right now…

Obviously,  can’t blog. we just let the warring parties make mistakes in their scripts and do their rewrites.


The lead character Ray orders a smouldering entity enveloped with smoke, Gozer, the Sumerian deity for destruction, to move out of the apartment, go away, relocate.

       Gozer looks down on him. Lines….:

Gozer: Are you…..     

                           ……    a God?

(Ray looks at his friend  Peter, who nods at him)

Dr Ray Stantz: No.

Gozer: Then……..    DIE!!!

(Lightning  bolts out of Gozer’s hands, flinging Ray and Peter, and Winston  almost off the rooftop;  people below scream)

Winston: Ray!

                   ….when someone asks you….

                       ….if you’re a god….

                             ….you say “YES”!!

Peter (prepares  to strike back):   All right! This chick is


                                                   – Ghostbusters (1984)

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