the advice from experts is to use an L.E.D or a LED light/ or led lights, “light-emitting diode”, as distinguished from incandescent light. make sure there are DTI and ICC certification stickers on them, buy them from a reputable store, and choose those that have thick, opaque, plastic  coat on the wires, not thin, translucent or transparent coats. (i’m not an expert on series lights but you have to educate yourself if you’re going to use them because the wrong ones could cost lives. don’t scrimp when there are safety issues involved, if you’re planning to scrimp, forego buying altogether because it’s not safe.  supervise the purchase so you would not be duped. yun lang).

for small series lights  that you would leave on while you or a member of your household could see them (turn them off daily for safety purposes), you could opt — for aesthetic reasons and depending on your taste and personality — for



outdoor, slow, double-bulb or double-blink blue series lights. (well, you can use any color). they probably also look good in purple, or pink, or pure white [cool colors as distinguished from warm colors (red, yellow, green) — pink instead of red, pure white instead of yellow, purple or blue instead of green; but you can use any color, there’s no rule.]

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