UP Diliman clarifies holding off the collection of tuition pending clarification of the subsidy

CNN Philippines news video report: “UP Diliman Chancellor Michael Tan clarifies order on collection of fees” :

blog admin’s notes:  Because the money allocated for “Maintenance, Operating, and Other Expenses” (MOOE) for U.P. Diliman is based on the U.P. budget allotted to it by the national government, and because the MOOE allocation to U.P. can fund only about half of the amount that is needed  to maintain the utilities (water, electricity, sanitation, etc.) and security, (see previous budgets and the MOOE), the deficiency is made up for and actually funded by money from the tuition.

      Ideally, the tuition should go to upgrade, to benefit the students: for example, modernizing I.T. equipment and infra to enhance the learning experience of students. Or, in an ideal world: If the budget allocated to U.P. is enough to fund all of its operating expenses, its capital outlay for the construction of new buildings, and its personnel salaries, lump sums for lecturers, etc. then students would have to pay zero tuition: Free education for all.

      But because the budget allotted to U.P. can take care of only about half of UP’s maintenance necessities, the tuition is used for the other half of the MOOE to make the classrooms, restrooms, buildings and facilities serviceable. As for the rest (capital outlay, etc.), UP scrounges by leasing out its properties to commercial enterprises ( huhuhu,  may mga “boarders”/ tenants kami, parang boarding house; pinauupahan) and by asking for donations.

     in the short term,  i hope this matter is resolved so we don’t have to shut down half the buildings.

      In the long term, the national government should stop constricting the universities because it is constricting its own future.


One thought on “UP Diliman clarifies holding off the collection of tuition pending clarification of the subsidy

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