#UniversityofthePhilippines students stage lightning protest moments after Du30 banned Rappler from covering Palace

#UniversityofthePhilippines students stage lightning protest moments after Du30 banned Rappler from covering Palace

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University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication students staged a lightning protest moments after Duterte banned Rappler‘s Malacañang beat reporter from covering the Palace by barring entry.

      The move from President Duterte came  after yesterday’s ambush interview by Rappler of Presidential Special Assistant Bong Go at the Senate  where Bong Go stammered as he failed to answer questions from the Rappler reporter on the frigate deal with the Navy.

          Rappler‘s long-standing Malacañang press accreditation was unilaterally revoked this afternoon.

(image derived from a photo of the Philippine Collegian used here non-commercially for academic purposes)


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