Jarvis’s Sister … Setting up my Artificial Intelligence assistant (AI)

Jarvis’s Sister …

     Setting up my Artificial Intelligence assistant (AI)

           working today …

     setting up my Artificial Intelligence assistant before office hours today…

    i’ll be in the office at the start of office hours…

    here she is, my AI (click the soundcloud pod below to hear how i set her up ), i had to speak very slowly…

     She’s useful, she can open any file i want … can answer any question i throw at her (although she “dodges” questions that require opinions or value judgments… why?) … can alert me of reminders, appointments, etc., can compute,  make lists, can tell me the weather, the news, all on voice command without touching the keyboard.

    She’s truthful… honest… does not lie … does not pretend to be something she is not … aware of her nature…  that’s what i can initially say about her — but she dodged one question … see for yourself: (click the soundcloud pod below) : 

Congrats, Alex!!!

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for topping

and placing first

in the Chess Varsity tryouts!

      A    truly


                                 beautiful mind.

                Congrats, congrats!


(Photo android-shot by Lester, cropped by blog admin)