Mommy ( Lydia Celino Lambino ) is in her elegant 80s : A Vibrant, Healthy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Here’s one of your favorites,                    Michael Bublé

         A Vibrant,



                  Happy Birthday, Mommy

Establishing shot of two very different movies: A Scriptwriting Exercise

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Tap the play arrow (if on mobile device, click “Listen in browser) on the soundcloud pod below to play the theme of your opening sequence…



Photo shot by Myra Lambino last Monday, unfiltered:

     Driving through the fog

   on a February morning

(the second one is a pinkified version, i pinkified it)

This is the establishing shot of two very different movies :

A Scriptwriting Exercise :

      See how light and color can convey a story.

      In the second one, a figure slowly emerges from the fog — he is the leading man and he has amnesia…

       In the first one, a figure slowly emerges from the fog, he is a reptile and he doesn’t have amnesia.

     Which is the rom-com (romantic comedy)

      and which is the suspense- thriller?

      Who is the leading man

       and who is the villain?

      Why does the leading man always have to have

       John Lloyd Cruz eyes?

       A Scriptwriting Exercise…