HIghlights, today’s House Justice com hearing on impeachment of CJ Sereno

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Highlights: Today’s House Justice com hearing on impeachment of CJ Sereno:

House SC court administrator Midas Marquez on the stand as resource person:

        Supreme Court court administrator Midas Marquez’s salary grade is equivalent to that of a justice of the Court of Appeals. However, unlike a justice or a judge, he is not conferred with any jurisdiction – jurisdiction being defined as the power to hear and decide cases, and to enforce orders. He does not preside over any court as justice or judge, he is not authorized to hear cases and decide disputes: Jurisdiction is conferred by law. Basic.  He is therefore not a Justice; he is not even a judge. In order not to miseducate the public, especially young people, the congressmen should stop addressing said resource person as “Justice” or “Justice Midas” or “Justice Marquez”.
        In keeping with his name, he should be addressed as …. (drumroll) — 
                              King  Midas.
        “If your honors please, very material”

(mage credits as stated in the archives)

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