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Posted at 9:09 am March 17: The Legal Way to Make All Workers Stay Home (But it will hurt employers)

      Before giving you the difficult but legal way to make ALL workers stay home, the least painful and legal way has already been suggested by the President when he urged employers to release in advance the 13th month pay to all workers. No one is complying. Employers don’t want to release money.

    The next least painful way is to ask the Department of Labor by authority under the Proclamation of a Public Health Emergency authorized under Republic Act 11332 to issue an urgent circular as authorized by the President and the Health Secretary to enforce the quarantine,  to IMMEDIATELY RELEASE the 13th month pay BUT ONLY TO WORKERS WHO WILL NOT REPORT FOR WORK IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE QUARANTINE WITH PROOF EACH DAY THAT THEY ARE AT HOME (release it incrementally thru ATM upon proof that they stayed home.) Radical?  Of course it’s radical but it’s legal,  enforcible, and it will work.

   (i will give the legal and most effective way for workers happily staying at home but most painful to employers after the authorities have tried the abovedescribed processes and employers still  do not comply.) 

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