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A Salute to the ABS-CBN production staff: Professional even up to the most difficult time of our lives
It was characteristic of the professionalism and courteousness of the ABS-CBN staff that even at the depths of their trials last night – while they were being forcibly signed off by the NTC of the Duterte government,

       the DZMM news production assistant (of DZMM teleradyo of ABS-CBN) texted a third time that night. Earlier that evening,

they confirmed a morning interview for the next day on DZMM teleradyo’s 6:15am Kabayan show with Noli de Castro.

But right there, that evening,

 Noli de Castro was already at the tailend

of the last broadcast

of the long-running TV Patrol

   before it would go off-air

   after 30 years of broadcasting,

his heart being wrenched by what he had to announce.

      It was characteristic of the integrity of the ABS-CBN staff

that in the dying minutes

of the most important devotion

of their lives,

    the staff texted again, not betraying a hint of any despair, remaining professional to the very end:

     He expressed thanks for accepting the invitation,

and then apologized:

  He apologized that the morning program would no longer be able to air. The Duterte government had shut them down — the government’s NTC had shut down DZMM and TV Channel 2.


      How do you reply to a text like that?


     i reiterated what any Filipino would say:

     Lalaban tayo. We will fight back.

    Once again, here is TV Patrol on their last broadcast,  final 17 minutes before being forcibly signed off:

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