For Zoomers & Pandemials : Update your Zoom now (before May 30) or else your OS will not be compatible with Zoom. Just open Zoom for 15 mins, it auto-updates in another 30 mins

tap the play arrow (if on mobile, click “Listen in browser”) for a Zoom song…



For Zoomers and Pandemials : Update your Zoom now (before May 30) or else your OS will not be compatible with Zoom. Just open your Zoom for 15 minutes, a pop-up prompt will open (after 15 minutes depending on your internet speed). It will then  automatically install updates in another 30 minutes.

    Zoom is updating for better security and more efficient features and the Zoom admin says if you don’t update before May 30, your OS (operating system) might not be compatible with Zoom.

    It’s easy, just click your Zoom and leave it on,  no need to log on,  it auto-updates … while you do your chores 👷💁.

(Bago po  magpa-webinar ngayong araw, o magpa-interview, o mag -interview, o mag-reunion, o mag-video-chat hi-hello, paki-update na po para hindi maabala later ) (Before going to your webinar today, or being interviewed or interviewing, or before joining your reunions or video-chats hi-hello, please update your Zoom app so you won’t  experience glitches 🙂 )

         Photo shows a Zoom meeting last March 26, 2020 1pm-4pm  under fluorescent light (not good), minimalist interiors. Natural light (sunlight) is best. If you’re using fluorescent light, make sure it’s behind you (not like in this photo)… then use a soft light positioned 3 to 5 feet from your face.  If you’re using your own interiors, which is more honest, rather than a virtual background, you’ll need to clear the clutter of your house; then make sure you have only a maximum of three dominant colors — maximum. You can use as many neutrals (greys, whites, etc.), neutrals are not considered colors. Many are using bookcase-for-credibility, though it’s being parodied by some sites.

       Finally, if it’s a three-hour meeting, make sure you are seated comfortably with access to food and water. 


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