An outburst in 2011 upon seeing news reports of people who had drowned when the dams released tons of water all of a sudden

An outburst in 2011 upon seeing news reports of people who had drowned when the dams released tons of water all of a sudden

      Dams have been releasing tons of water all at once since 2011, inundating nearby towns and drowning residents: See blog post dated Sept. 30, 2011 written in an outburst upon seeing news reports of people who had drowned after the dams dumped waters into their towns. (embedded below, with the link pasted here).

     (Thereafter, protocols were instituted directing the incremental release of waters from the dams. But apparently, the protocols were not implemented this year, officials were sleeping on the job – when the President sleeps, the subordinates follow.)
    See post at:

       Replace the names of provinces with Cagayan province, Rizal province, and Marikina City. Photo below of Cagayan Valley towns inundated Nov. 15, 2020, rightclicked from Manila Bulletin


(written and posted 2011, Sept. 30)

       Posted 9-11-2011: “Why are dams located near thickly populated areas ( Norzagaray, Angat, San Rafael, Bustos, Baliuag, Pulilan and Plaridel and Calumpit in Bulacan; San Manuel, San Nicolas, Tayug, Asingan, Sta. Maria, Villasis, Rosales, Alcala, Bayambang and Bautista in Pangasinan)? Then, when the dam owners have to release the waters to prepare for a storm and inundate entire villages, the local residents are blamed for getting drowned. The children and old folks who get killed from the rampaging waters get blamed for dying.

      “Because the dam owners had already released 3-5 days’ notice – they are justified. As long as they release whatever kind of notices, they are “legally” covered under “protocols”. “We will flood your entire barangay whether or not you are there because we already gave notices.”

      “Does that even make sense to anyone?

      “And typhoon season is known to everybody – why can’t the release of thousands of tons of water be calibrated? Throughout the year, or over several months before the rains. Why are those waters released all of a sudden in one day such that the sheer force of the raging waters cause  an apocalypse in the locality?

     “Why does drowning people make sense just because formalities of notices were made?”

posted 9-30-2011

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